Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hellooooooo. I Am alive.
And I am married.
YAY. The day finally arrived and has been gone for over a month.
The other day Matt made a comment that went like this, 
"How about one month feeling like 15 years"
It's almost hard to remember a time when I didn't have him.
Enough mushy stuff though, I'll tell you slightly about my big day.
I went to bed relatively early, like 11:00, but I probably didn't fall asleep until 1:00. 
I didn't think I was very nervous but I couldn't fall asleep cause I kept thinking about the next day and that made me anxious and made me feel like I needed to use the bathroom. 
I put in beauty and the beast and finally fell asleep for about 3 hours. Then woke up again and rolled around for an hour unable to get comfortable. 
Apparently the floor was much more comfortable cause as soon as I moved onto the floor I was out, for about another 1.5 hours.
Anyway, Miranda came over and did my hair, Matt's sister painted my nails, and Karli got my temple bag and other basics all ready for me, which was a good thing cause I was late to the temple. 
The temple ceremony was beautiful. I don't think I could ever adequately describe how it felt to have so many loved ones in the room and to be sitting across the alter from the love of my life and being sealed for time and all eternity. I had to kind of laugh, to stop the sobs from escaping my body cause I was just filled with so much joy and love.
Well we got out of the temple and the weather wasn't that great. It was REALLY windy. But hey it's cardston. I counted my blessings that is wasn't blizzarding... yet.
We got some great pictures, went to my luncheon which was full of fun, laughter, and yummy food.
By the time the luncheon was over huge snowflakes were falling from the sky. By the end of my reception the huge snowflakes had been coming down for hours and had caused some white out conditions. 
So we stayed in Cardston for the night instead of going to our hotel in Lethbridge. 
Not quite what either of us had in mind, but hey better to be safe then sorry.
Here are some pictures, cause I know that's all anyone really cares to see.

 My sweetie of a sister
 I had to force matt to take this picture. I'm serious.
 The girlies. My sister and her daughter flew from Atlanta for my special day.
 My new mom, who also happens to be named Debbie like my mama. Meant to be.
 Happy and fresh from the temple.

 My best friends. 2 came from utah, one from Texas, and one from Lethbridge. Love them.
 All my sisters.

 So grateful my sister Adria could be there for my special day. She has been such a strength to me and a wonderful example. I can't imagine this day without her.

Playing the shoe game. 
We stood back to back with each others shoes in our hands and were asked various questions.
We raised the shoe of the person we thought the question applied to. 
Like this one was probably who is most likely to make a fool of themselves in public. 
Something like that. 
Matt and I were quite in sync for every answer. The only one we answered differently was who spends the most money. The answer is still in debate. I will buy a lot of clothes with everything being under $20. Matt will buy things on sale but they will be things that are generally over $100 to begin with. So in the end I buy more things for the same price that he buys one. 
Anyway that's a wrap on the day. 
I'm sure that was a lot more information then you cared to hear, but I felt like I had to make up for not blogging in about 2 months. 
Sincerely, Chanel Termeer.