Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My Room mates brother had gone to yellowstone a few days ago and their pass was still good for a couple of days so he gave it to us to use. Me Ali and Nikki were the only ones able to go out of the roomies but it was really good time. I didn't realize how huge the park was! We spent the majority of the time in the car driving to places and we weren't able to see everything that we wanted to but we were able to see alot still.

Here we are at Old Faithful. We got there about 2 mins before she was going to blow. Lucky for us cause she blows ever 40-126 mins. We also saw some other geysers. They were really interesting some really bubbled and others didn't and for the most part they smelt.
We went to the yellowstone grand canyon. It was so beautiful! But very windy. The weather didn't really cooperate with us this trip.
And we got to see a number of animals. A grizzly bear being one of them

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dam Marathon.

For our relief society service project we helped with the teton dam marathon. We were in charge of mile 25 water station. The day wasn't that nice out (it's official rained every day for 14 days...and it's forecasted to continue) So it was to be expected. But it was still a really fun time.
Getting ready to give runners their water
Steve urkel made a guest appearance.
I made my runners work for their water. This is a large majority of the girls who came
2 waterbottles, a bowl of watermelon and no bathroom for 3 hours....

Take me back in time

On Friday night there was an 80's party in the Tuscany Lounge. My two roommates and a girl in our ward and myself got ready together Sadly as soon as we got to the party Robert (the manager or tuscany) came down and turned on a bunch of lights causing a lot of people to leave. Cause really no one wants to dance in the light. It's just kind of weird. So after that the party basically shut down. We spent more time getting dressed up then we actually did at the party. But it was fun anyway.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Girl's Night

SO the other night Randi was feeling a little girly and thought we should do some face masks.Luckily Rachael had some face mask stuff we could use. Our skin felt smooth and tingly for the rest of the night.
This is how i looked when i attacked nikki after she claimed she was stronger then i was.
And ryan got a little jealous and wanted in on the fun.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The rain=Positive

Since the rain hasn't let up we decided to make the best of it. Me megan and Claire tied plastic bags around our feet and surfed down and a hill and then after me and megan went puddle jumping. There was some pretty sweet puddles and we captured some pretty sweet pictures. I've hung out with megan a lot. It's been really fun. every weekend it's a guarantee we'll get together and watch some movie and talk about life and love. It's just great.
She's also one of the only people thats always come for bridge jumping. please note she is not doing a belly flop but a back flip.

The rain= Negative

Well it's been really rainy here the last few days, which really isn't a bad thing. I love the rain, walking to class in it might not be so fun but I still love it. On friday it had been cloudy all day but cleared up just in time for me to go on my date paintballing. I was pumped! I've been once and it's in the top 10 best days of my life. But there was a few glitches and instead of starting at 6 like planned we didn't get started until about 7:30. We knew as soon as we saw these clouds things wouldn't go our way.And we were riding in the back of the truck when the storm hit so we got pelted with some rain and hail. Good times.
So we called a rain check and are going to hopefully go next week. So after we went back and played "Giant Jenga" They are blovks that are about 3in by 8 in, which i never lost at, and wacky six/blitz/smurf. it apparently has a lot of names. After that i had a sleepover at megan hartley's and watched "one fine day" and fantized about the one fine day my jack taylor would come along. In the morning we made the best breakfast ever consisting of oatmeal waffles. YUM!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mud Slingin good time

The other night my friend Hailey came over and asked me to go play in the mud with her. She had rounded up a few other people and had found a big mud hole just out of town. So we lined her car with plastic bags and off we went. It was such a great time. Although it was quite cold.
Car Ride home. As hard as we tried hailey's car was still covered in mud
Playing in the big Mud Puddle, and after shot.
Hailey and Ian trying to throw me in the mud puddle. They were unsuccessful.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MaId SeRvIcE?

Well I may not quite be a maid but in my apartment thats sure how I feel sometime. I bring it upon myself because my room mates know I will clean the kitchen, cause I love my kitchen to be clean and can't cook unless it is. But sometimes the kitchen mess is ridiculous and I wonder if I am the mother of 5 year olds that need to be cleaned up after. Dishes generally liter our floor or sink. Did I mention we have a dishwasher....and it's not me! So to me there is no reason for such a mess but laziness. This picture was taken after i returned from a weekend in Utah. But I don't have to be gone for 3 days for this to happen. They say they'll clean up at night so I give them a chance but I wake up in the morning to the same disaster I went to bed with. Ah college life. You gotta love it

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Okay I know I haven't updated this for awhile, I've wanted to cause I've done quite a bit of fun things, but like some bloggers I only like to blog if I have pictures to go along with it. And today we finally took some pictures. I'm only blogging one post tonight of the taco bus but I will be adding a few more tomorrow probably. So our dear room mate kelsi was off track for the summer but decided to take first block classes, but they finished today so she is leaving. The only good thing about her going is we will now have more fridge and shelf space :) but that is the ONLY good thing. Kelsi has been wanting to try out the "taco bus" so we thought for her last day we'd go. It was actually really good despite how unsanitary it looked. Basically it's the bus turned restaurant. But I checked to make sure they had an approved Idaho food safety certificate to help me feel better about eating there. And the food was pretty cheep to. I wouldn't be surprised if I hit up the Taco Bus another time or 2 this semester.