Monday, September 22, 2014

Family fun run

On Saturday Matt, Sienna, and I participated in the Glenwood family fun run. You could do a 3k, 5k or 10k. Matt and I were feeling ambitious so we went with the 10k. Alright that's an absolute lie. Neither of us have ran over 3 miles since we have been married. It was so much fun to do the race together. Matt took on the task of pushing Sienna, which he passed on to me for about a total of two minutes, which was 2 minutes too long. The jogging stroller definitely makes it easier to push but it's not that easy to push on gravel roads and when you can't move your arms it's really tough. I don't know how Matt did it the whole time. We both finished within seconds of each other since Matt was a good husband and wanted us to finish as a family. We both got 2nd place in the age division 20-39. Before you think that's really good, Glenwood is a small village located in the middle of no where and any other surrounding towns are small in numbers as well. So there was maybe 4-5 people total in our age category. But we wore our medals proudly. Sienna enjoyed her first race two, passing out half way thru from all the hard work. 
After the race we treated ourselves to calzones from pizza of Waterton and big scoop. It was such a beautiful fall day where all the leaves were changing color and the air just seemed crisp and fresh. I couldn't ask for a better end of summer weekend as we are now official into fall!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sienna at 5 months

How come time goes by so fast when you actually have the baby, but when you were pregnant it went by so s-l-o-w-l-y?

Sienna is now 5 months old. Everyday I fall a little more in love with this sweet baby. I feel like she is learning so much everyday. I love watching her mind work and figure things out. Here are a list of accomplishments this month

-holding a bottle much better. But if given full control she seems to think its possible to drink from a bottle and suck her hands at the same time. 

-she is rolling from back to tummy. She started this on Saturday the 6th and would only do it a few times and it often was a long process. Then comes Monday and she is rolling over like she has been doing it her whole life. Within a few hours she has even figured out that to make it easier. she needs to have both arms up, so one doesn't get stuck underneath her. Now she just needs to work in rolling back to her back. Which she has done before, she just doesn't want to anymore.

-she is starting to figure out sucking her thumb. She doesn't do it all the time, but everyonce in awhile she gets it in right and sucks for awhile. It's too cute to see. 

-She loves looking at herself. (Such a vain baby) in her swing there is a reflective circle at the top and she arches her back so she can see herself and just smiles away. She loves face timing with people because then she can see herself. 
-She loves to hold your fingers while she is eating. Often she will take my whole arm and hold it while I rub her head. Oh I just melt.
-Despite my best efforts to keep her nails short, she still manages to claw up her face. It mostly happens after a nap and she stretches her hands up to her eyes. I have taken to calling her scar face.

-She is becoming such a good sleeper. She sleeps on average 5-6 hours and will go to bed around 7. Maybe wake up and play for an hour around 830 but then it's back to bed and out for the night (minus one feed) until about 830-900. Sometimes I feel like I have the best baby and I get scared for baby number two which will probably rock my world. 

-she is so smiley and will smile at anyone with a face. 

-we started feeding her some solids and she has loved it so far! We have tried winter squash and peas. Complimens of my dad's garden, so they are the best. 

Now for a collage of photos

Friday, September 5, 2014

North Carolina

Sienna went on her first airplane ride to North Carolina. I was nervous taking her cause I had no idea how she would handle the flight and I didn't want to be that mom that everyone hates because their baby won't stop crying while they are trying to enjoy the inflight movie. But Sienna surpassed all my hopes. The flight to North Carolina was a red eye and she slept THE WHOLE time. Even when we weren't on the plane she was awake for maybe an hour. Also, I decided I love flying with a baby. Reason being, everyone is so nice to you! They let you go in front of you in lines or off the plane, they are nicer to you going thru security, it's just a positive experience. And everyone loved Sienna! I don't blame them of course cause she is so stinkin cute but it almost got tired having people stop us and ask how old she was and commenting on how cute she was! The most funny experience we had with her was eating in the Houston airport. Matt had just gotten Panda Express and we were just about to enter the Wendy's when some flight crew looked at us and with authority said "excuse me, you guys can't come in here." Matt and I just looked at each other, him thinking is it because I have Panda Express? Me just being plan confused. Then they go on to say "you can't just walk into here without letting us see that baby first! OH MY GOSH SHE IS SO CUTE. Look at her little feet and hands, oh her face is so cute. Blah blah blah." It was hilarious. As I was getting my Wendy's and Matt's waiting with Sienna there were more people coming up talking to him and then by the time I got back to our seat the flight crew told us they would be coming to see us at Christmas time. The flight attendants all commented on how much she looked like a doll and that they had dolls bigger then her, and if a new attendant was walking by, the other made sure to make them look. Okay, I will stop bragging about my sweet girl. It was just fun to see how much people love Sienna. I think it's just babies in general. There is something special about them and people are just drawn to them.
Here we are on our first flight together as a family. 

While in North Carolina we went camping at camp eagles nest. It's owned by the LDS church and is used a lot for boys scouts and girls camp. But lucky for us the last two times we have gone there hasn't been one other person there! Which is really nice cause then it's pretty easy to keep track of the kids and they can go anywhere without getting into anyone's stuff. There is a little lake there that has about the nastiest water I have ever seen. It looks like dr. Pepper and there are big snakes in it. But the kids love it. They have canoes and paddle boats that you can take out which is always a favorite.

The kids loved playing in the sand, despite the many unwanted sand fights which resulted in sand in eyes and mouth. 

Our attempt to build a fire. It had rained the night we got there making all the wood wet. So pretty much matt and I kept the fire burning long enough with pine needles so the kids could roast some marshmallows. 

I love this goof ball.

All of us in our camping shirts. Matts Mom and sister came up with the idea and it was so cute. All the kids that could drew a picture of themselves then we used fabric transfer paper or whatever it is and ironed them on to shirts. I wear mine at least once a week. I LOVE it.

Another thing we do while in North Carolina is celebrate everyone's birthdays since we aren't able to be together on those days. Matt's mom made cute rainbow cupcakes this year. The kids absolutely love it, mostly cause they get to blow out a candle and eat a cupcake. Nothing better then that. I think Sienna enjoyed her first year.  She was so mesmerized by the flame before I blew it out of course.

We also take family pictures while we are all together. We were going to take them the same place we did last year which was a really nice nature backdrop, but sadly about 20 mins before we were to go out it started pouring rain, so we did them outside. Of course almost as soon as we were finished it cleared up, but Matt's sister's family was leaving to go to the ocean for the week right after pictures so we couldn't venture out. Plus, I think the kids would've been real terrors. It's a struggle to get 9 kids to cooperate once, let alone twice.