Sunday, September 27, 2009

Special People

Sorry I have the tendency to blog all at once. It isn't a very good habit and I should be come more of a consistent blogger then a compulsive blogger. This blog is dedicated to special people in the world. When I say special people I am referring to those that have special needs. First special person is super fly. OKay this guy I met in Virginia in the coffeeshop I worked at. I was a little put off by him at first. He doesn't have the nicest smile in the world (click on the picture for enlarged version) and he is just kind of crazy. But he is the funniest man ever and I have been so blessed to know him. He started calling me his girlfriend and I would either call him boyfriend or baby. He was always so excited to see me and I was always thrilled to see him. I honestly believe I made a small difference in his life and he made a huge difference in mine. A day just wasn't complete without seeing superfly around and getting a big hug and almost toothless grin from him.

Next on the agenda is this girl named Emily who I met in the temple on saturday. She came with a group of youth to do baptisms. We were sitting in the confirming room waiting for the men to come and start. She was standing at the front of them room and asked "who has key number 28"...and I'm feeling a little nervous because I got dressed in the same locker as her and am thinking I'm number 28. So I look down at my key and low and behold there is a 28 on it. So I said thats me...and she started walking over to me and reached up her hands and I don't know why but I'm thinking she is going to hit me when she envelops me in a big hug. It seriously made my day. Just because I was in the same locker as her we became instant friends. Thats what I love about special needs people. They give love so freely and don't care who you are.
There are so many special people in my life I would write another long post which I hate doing. So I'll briefly mention the next ones.
Pia- The disabled lady I watch. She always has nice things to say about me. Whether it's I look good that day (she's partially blind but I appreciate the gesture) or that she loves to play with me she has a way of making me appreciate all that I have been blessed with and helps me enjoy the small things as she does.
nameless guy- He comes into extra foods every once in awhile. One day years ago he claims he saw me pouting while working so he makes it a habit of coming in and putting on a big frown and tells me thats what I was doing when he walked in and that I just need to smile and be happy. Thanks to that reminder I try to smile the rest of the day. Life is just to short to live it frowning.
Ecuador Kids- At first I was a little put off by the special needs kids in Ecuador. I didn't know how to interact or love them. One of the other volunteers opened my eyes to how special they were by saying that they were the Lord's most valiant servants who were at the front of the battlefield and received the most damage so the were sent to earth in less then perfect bodies to teach us to love and appreciate our blessings. after learning that lesson i looked forward to spending time with those beautiful angels and feel closer to the Lord through them.

stupendous sister

I don't really like writing super long posts because they get boring to read so I'm separating them all so you can read one of them a day since I'm not an avid blogger or you can read them all at once. As I said in the post before, I went to virginia to spend time with my family. So this one is a tribute to my fabulous sister.
Being 10 years my senior I've never really gotten to know my sister Adria. Which is a shame because she was so excited to have me as a sister after 3 brothers in a row. But 10 years is a big difference, one that isn't easily gapped just because you are both girls. By the time I would actually be able to talk to her as an older sister and ask her for assistance on my hair or make up, to coach me through my first school dance and crush, and catty girl problems she would be in school and in a totally different stage of her life. Long story short I never really got to know the amazing sister I had. Until this last year.
Living with Adria last year was fabulous. She is so wise and always gave me amazing advice. Especially when it came to the gospel. She has such a great knowledge and love for it. She is honestly the best wife and mother in the world. Mark and her kids are so blessed to have her. She gives of her self and time day after day. Half the time she doesn't receive thanks from those she helps. But she never complains, which is amazing, because I can assure you that if I wasn't getting the thanks I deserved I'd be a lot less happy to serve. She doesn't just serve her family though she is constantly serving those around her. She always watches the other kids in the neighborhood and lets them come and destroy her house giving the other moms a break. She serves in her calling by making it to every YW's activity even if it means dragging her 3 kids along for the ride. She is such an amazing example on how to run a household. I learned a great deal about raising kids and having a successful marriage from being in her home.
She is also the craftiest person. I asked her to help make me some bows and I realized how talentless I am when it comes to craft's. Mine somehow always ended up crooked and uneven, where the ones she made came out perfect. She's a real do it her-selfer. She doesn't go and buy her little girls bows, but makes them all for a lot less and a lot cuter. and she makes more then one and often gives them away to others. She also makes the cutest little baby blankets. All of these things she just taught herself. Like seriously do you get much more talented?
Okay I know I said I hated Long posts and this is getting up there in the long category. Namely my sister is amazing and so caring and loving. She is always happy and always willing to serve. She never speaks unkindly of anyone and people cannot help but like her because of how big of a sweetheart she is. Thanks for letting me be a part of your family for 4 amazing months and allowing me to intrude again for a week!

Return to virginia.

This last week I had the privilege of returning to virginia. Having lived there for a few months last year I grew to love this place and it'll always hold a special place in my heart. The area is absolutely beautiful. Especially during the fall. The weather stays fairly warm giving the leaves a chance to turn colors and you get to really experience fall. Unlike in canada where it starts but usually a snowfall comes sometime in september and kills everything before you even get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the fall leaves. I didn't do a lot while I was there but that wasn't the plan so much. I went to just enjoy being with family since I didn't get a chance while my sister and her kids were up here for the summer. Kids grow up way to fast and I'm going to be missing enough of their life as it is so I tried to utilize my time there and enjoy being with them. But they can sure wear you out. I also got a chance to see old friends. People I met while working at greenberry's and Panera bread, and also members of the single ward. On the day I was flying out I made it a point to go to the Washington DC temple. I never did in the 4 months I had lived there before and didn't know if I'd ever get a chance to again. It is a beautiful temple surrounded by a small forest shielded away from the world. Which I think is perfect. I thnk of the Scripture in D&C 109:22 " We ask thee Holy Father that thy servants may go forth from this house armed with thy power...and thine angles have charge over them"
Sadly I didn't get very many pictures while I was there. My motto is usually every moment is a picture moment but I neglected to capitalize on that motto. So here are a few from playing in the leaves, the temple, and my beautiful nieces and handsome nephew.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Curse you Blakiston

So on saturday I had the privilage (if you can call it that) to hike the highest peak in waterton- Blakiston. Our designated hike leader, scott leishman informed us it was about an 8 hour ridge walk/hike. So i packed myself a little lunch, some treats and 2 water bottles, thinking i had brought way to much. Oh but low and behold scott must have been with some more experienced hikers, because we got slightly lost on the shale which cost us some precious time and energy and we were just slightly lazy and took some good breaks. So what could've been an 8 hour hike ended up taking 12 hours. I think we climbed up 4 or 5 peaks that day. I was so close to just calling it quits a few times because i was exhausted and didn't know if i could make it any farther. We were all about finished our food supplies at 4-5 o'clock and still had 4 hours of hiking ahead of us. And if it wasn't for some heaven sent small patches of snow we would've been out of water at noon. but the hike was worth is and i'm glad i can say i've conquered blakiston. But i don't think i'll ever attempt it again.
The four troopers at the very top.