Tuesday, February 23, 2010

picking up the pieces

Today I went to the springville art museum. They had some really beautiful pieces crafted by high school kids. This piece of art was probably my favorite.
There are a few reasons I liked it. This girl could represent anyone. We are all trying to find the pieces in our lives. What makes us happy or sad, angry or glad. We are piecing ourselves together everyday through experiences we have. I also see it as a puzzle that represents sin or mistakes. The puzzle can break apart but can always be put back together. We just have to have patience and faith. But those were just some of my observations and thats the great thing about art is that everyone can have their own interpretation of it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

All came tumbling down.

The tumbling gym. What a great place. A place full of bacteria no doubt, but still a place you can enjoy yourself. They've got trampolines to jump on, pits of foam to jump into, and sumo suits to wrestle in.
Jumping into the foam pit. Not even joking as soon as you hit you can feel the germs cling to your body.
Spinning round and round

Donut joy.

I love donuts. I love donuts that have cute purple flowers on them. I love donuts that remind me of spring. I love the way a donut tastes. Yup donuts are good.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

pedicure on my toes toes

I love a good pampering. The other day I got a mini pedi. She did a good job i think. the best part was sitting in the message chair and just taken er easy. just look at the cute flower cause my feet are just kind of aweful)
Next i bought this shirt the other day and while visiting jennica, we painted our nails i picked purple to match the shirt but couldn't help taking it a step farther and do matching flowers
Then the last bit of pampering was having my room mate put my hair in hot rollers. It didn't work out as nice as hers usually do, but I kind of felt like I was living in the 50s with them in.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Drink Up.

Okay this next post goes out to one of my other best friends Jennica. She had my name for christmas and she got the most perfect gift for me. A STAINLESS STEEL WATERBOTTLE! To some it might not seem like that great of a gift but for me it truly is perfect. I love water and can drink about 4-5 bottles a day. So i was constantly re-using bottles. While that is saving the ecosystem and saving me money it's not exactly the best thing to do. So being the thoughful friend she is, Jennica provided me with safe drinking for the rest of my life... or for however long these bottles are suppose to be good for.

HAPPY Singles Awareness Day

I have the greatest friend in the whole world. Her Name is Karli Low. She is the biggest sweetheart ever. Reasons why she is the greatest friend and why I love her.
1. She is always there for me.
2. She is so crafty
3. Most caring thoughtful girl ever
4. She is a great cook and always is making little goodies for people (like myself)
5. She takes me to costco
6. She supports me and tries to understand me no matter what.
7. She is so spiritual
8. The list could go on for a long while but I'll stop and just show you her latest crafty, cooking gift I received for valentines day none the less. (it's a heart shaped cran berry scone complete with cranberry butter. It was soooo yummy!
Also today for valentines day the guys in our ward came and serenaded us with "you are my sunshine" and gave us roses. It was sure sweet. And now my room mate and I are dedicating this day of love to watch chick flicks and wallowing in our own single pity. It's going to be a great day. Complete with chocolate. Cause what wallowing in single pity valentines day wouldn't be complete without chocolate. Not mine that's for sure.

Where to start.

GOOD NEWS! my room mate had a camera cord all along!! All this time I could've been uploading photo's instead of waiting to remember to grab jennicas or ask someone in the ward if I could borrow theirs. Now you are probably wondering why I didn't just ask my room mates in the beginning. The thing is I did! and I remember one of them saying she had one, but my problem at the time was that my computer was getting fixed so I couldn't even use, and I forgot about that till now. Oh happy day. So just be prepared for the next couples of days. I'll try to take it slow with the posting as to not overwhelm my follow readers. ENJOY