Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rexburg in T-56 hours

Yes, it's true I'm going to Rexburg for the weekend.


I've missed it so much.

There is just something about Rexburg that Cardston can't replace.

Here is a list of things I look forward to about rexburg

1. Madison Beazer. I can't wait to hug and talk about your past few days while eating a bag of frozen peas. ;)

2. Samantha Anderson. Her laugh, her jokes, her EVERYTHING

2. Painting nails with Sam.

3. Watching Harpers Island all night for a 3rd time.

4. G's DAIRY. I've been craving it for far to long.

5. Ridge APT 904 and 310 (thanks ally for clarifying the correct apt's. I thought long and hard and still couldn't come up with the correct ones :) )

6. Playing in Porter Park

7. Hiking R mountain.

8. Seeing as many friends as possible

9. Feeling the spirit of BYU-I

I feel like a child at Christmas.

I can't wait.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Terrible but awesome

I don't have to much to blog about. I'm just not impressed with my lack of blogging lately.
This week has been terrible and awesome.
Terrible because it's rained for 4 days straight.
Terrible because it has rained so much there hasn't been anything to do at the pool and we've delayed opening until next week.
Terrible because I can't play golf or tennis
Terrible because I never feel like getting ready.
Terrible because it's freezing cold in the motor home now.
Terrible because I get the dumb black 14 (worth 100 points) in canadian salad every time.

I don't have to many awesomes that are out of the ordinary.
Awesome because the girls cannot lose at rook.
Awesome because I beat my usual solitaire score of 4000 and got 6700
Awesome because I got to talk to my sister.
Awesome because I got a new spring nail polish color.
Awesome because I got to go Waterton and hang out with my Bestie, Kimber
Awesome because before the rain, I got in a good run.

You want to know why else its been awesome? Because I have not lost my home or a loved one to a tornado. Whenever I watch the news and hear about more and more tornadoes and other natural disasters that are wiping out towns and destroying lives I am increasingly thankful for the life I live. So what if it's been raining for 4 days straight? At least I have a home to keep me safe and warm and a good family to spend time with. I have a job, despite how boring it can be, that pays me well and helps me prepare for my future. I have the gospel and know that families can be together forever. So even if a disaster was to strike I'd take comfort in that fact.
Yup life is awesome.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Morning Yoga.

This morning Chase and I did Yoga together.
I see a great yoga master in the making here.
And ignore the super unflattering photos of myself.
Just focus on the baby.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

The weather in Cardston has been treating me well.
I've been able to go for runs or walk around town without freezing my butt off.
Yesterday I took my nephew outside to play in the sun.
He is about the cutest thing I've ever seen.
He has the hugest cheesiest grin.
I love it
I feel fairly confident you'll love it too.
Turns out in all the pictures I took he never really smiled though.
Those blasted beads.
So I stole some off of my sister in law's blog. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dating 101

If you want to read some interesting opinions on the dating world on how guys see it I'd suggest reading Blaine and Ryan's blogs. Seriously take a look you won't regret it. Maybe you'll even recognize yourself in some of the experiences and behaviors they tell about. I know I did.

I guess I'll add my own little thoughts on dating. Nothing to crazy. Just an opinion that I've developed after talking to various girls and guys at BYU-I (so maybe it's just partial to BYU-I? Who knows) I have had great room mates. Really pretty fun room mates. I've been friends with amazing girls who any guy should be thrilled to just have the opportunity to talk to. But yet, they are single and don't get asked on dates. The biggest question they have is WHY?

Then I talk to boys about girls. And they will describe to me the girls they want to date and eventually marry. And what do you know?! They describe the very girls I'm friends with. So in my head it's not adding up. Then I started noticing the type of girls these guys were asking out on dates and they were NOTHING like the girls they had previously described. So I'm thinking they are the hugest hypocrites and that they don't know what they want.

After more thinking and talking I've come to this conclusion. Guys of course want the perfect girl to marry. But the thing is they will pass up opportunities to date those perfect girls because.... THEY ARE AFRAID TO GET MARRIED. Because of this they will date girls that don't have the qualities they want. Guys think they are "safe" from marriage if they do this. Then what happens? Boys date girls with qualities they didn't really like and then they fall in love and all the sudden they are married. Just what they didn't want and to girls they never thought they would've married.

So then you have girls like my room mates or other friends who are so awesome and want to get married but because of this they have a hard time landing a date. Or at least a second date with that guy. Then as girls we internalize this and think we need to be like these other girls so guys will date us. Tragedy right?

Okay that's my rant. Enjoy this poster I saw at BYU-I.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Remember that one time in my life where I blogged about how boring my life was. Well it's suddenly not so boring. Now mind you I still have lots of time to relax and sit on the computer but working for 8 hours everyday, playing outside in the sun, reading books, or playing with family and friends has kept me rather occupied. I love it. I've come to terms with the fact that my life rocks and I'm so happy to be where I am.

I've kind of kicked myself out of the house. My parents friends dropped off a motor home for us to use while our 4 bedroom house tries to house 10 people. Oh and have I ever mentioned the fact that my house only has one bathroom? Just wrap your head around that for one second. So yah I kicked myself into the motor home. That way when I come in late at night I don't have to worry about waking up sleeping babies or adults. Also it's super peaceful out there. I wake up to just hearing birds chirping softly with little rays of light peaking in. oh and not to mention the mattress is incredible! Best sleep ever. Yah. Im hoping it stays all summer. It also makes a great place to have rook nights. Nice and private.

So I love meeting new people and talking to them. Today I talked to some interesting characters. You reading might not think so since you didn't talk to them and I'm sure me describing it just doesn't do it justice. I've decided that the stereotype that accountants generally have no personality and are awkward is true. It's usually pretty easy for me to have conversations with people, make them laugh, both of us leave with a smile on our face. Not so with accountants. They are Monotone. Straight faced. and fail at attempts for humor. (probably because it was told in a monotone serious voice with a straight face. Not a good combination when telling a joke). I just left the building with a bewildered expression thinking, what just happened in there? Then the next place I go to the guy gives me a donation for the family fun run, and I ask him if he'd like me to bring him a receipt and he says yes you can just mail it.
Let me give you some history as to why this is such an unusual request. I live in a town of 3500 people. I work a block away from him. The town office where I go to take the money and get a receipt is just across the street.... So I say to him "Oh it's okay I'll just bring it over in like 15 mins. It's just across the street"..." No I'd really rather you mail it, I mean I plan on locking the door in the next few minutes and organizing this crazy place. Just take my card and mail it"... I don't know, maybe he had some top secret plans about to take place in there. But I mean I can just come back tomorrow. Instead I'm going to spend 54 cents on a stamp just to get something mailed across the street. Does this make sense to anyone?

Sorry for my lack of pictures lately. I hate blogging without pictures but I just haven't been taking much lately. and my blog posts are just filled with nonsense that really doesn't have pictures to go with it. Maybe I'll snap a pick of my motorhome sometime. But until then I'm going to take a nap.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hey Mr. Wilson!

Today I feel like Dennis the Menace's parents. You know the scene where they are trying to find a babysitter for Dennis and they are going down the phonebook and keep getting rejected. Well that's what I feel like my morning has been like. I'm the regional director for Cardston for the summer games. I'm suppose to get people to be the chairmen in various sports. So I spent a good hour just going through the phonebook trying to get ahold of people that might be able to help me. It wasn't so successful. I'd rather just take all the responsibility and not call anymore people. oh well.

Also today I did something a little embarrassing. I went to Extra Foods and ran into the Assistant manager. I stopped to talk to him and told him that I work with his wife all the time at the town office. Then I did something stupid I said "oh and are you guys having another baby?" He was like Heck no we've already got four kids, that's more then enough. YIKES.
Please Please Please have the common sense to not tell your wife I said that. She'll dislike me more then she already does (since I have to bother her with all of greg's requests, that are sometimes difficult to meet. Like printing a booklet with all different colors of paper and in a very particular order.) In my defense she looks like she has a cute little baby belly. She's a skinny girl and I swear within a week it looked like it popped out more. What else was I to think?

Well and it may come to no surprise to anyone that one of the highlights of my week was playing rook on saturday night at Denny's. Pretty sure the waitress hated us. Not just because we played rook but because she thought we were stupid and she made sure we knew it. No tip for you.

I'm so glad I never have to do Jr. High again. I don't think there would be enough money to even pay me to be a teacher there. I had to return to those dreaded hallways today to talk to the gym teacher about summer games. I've never been so intimidated. Why would kids younger then me intimidate me so much? Maybe it's the fact that they were trendier then I was, bore into my soul with a little smirk on their face (I felt like a loser), and they were so loud and almost obnoxious. Yup I'm glad that stage of life is over with. I feel sorry for any young person who is enduring it right now. I don't really have any encouraging words.

And here is a picture of my adorable niece. I have a feeling she won't smile like that around me anymore since I'm pretty sure my night of babysitting traumatized her. It's not like I'm bad with kids, she just didn't want to go to sleep, and cried for a long time and I wasn't her mom so she didn't want to look at or be held by me. So I let the stroller hold her and took her for a walk and now she is sleeping soundly. Fingers crossed tonights sleep resets her memory and she'll love me again.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Families are the Best

I know it's mother's day and this post should be dedicated to mothers, but how can I not write about my awesome family when my brothers and their sweet little families are all here for the week.

It's been such a beautiful morning. There has been nothing sweeter then sitting in the living room with the sun shining thru the window and just enjoying one another's company. I wish this moment could last forever and that Adria Mitch and Madison could be here to make the picture complete. We have one oclock church, which is like death since it takes forever to come. I've only been up for 2 hours but yet it's seems like a full day. Good thing my family is here to keep me entertained. My niece Jadyn just loves Chase and keeps trying to kiss him, which he just isn't in to yet. Hopefully it stays that way for the next 23 years. And with Jadyn, well there might not be any hope for her.

Anybody who has been to my house has heard my dog hack. (yes it's appropriate I talk about her in the family post) She's about 16 years old and is on her last leg of life, and she looks and sounds it. My brother Brandon was like when people ask Jadyn what a dog says she's going to go "hack hack." It was pretty hilarious and very true.

Now for mother's day. I have a pretty bomb mom. I know everyone thinks that their mom's are the best and they probably are. Mom's are so special. All of them have amazing qualities. I could make a list of all my mom's qualities and claim she is the best, but it's almost a guarantee that anyone who reads it would see a mirror of their mom. Mom's are the most selfless people. They devote so much to their families. They sacrifice their bodies, time, and sanity to raise a family. They are such great examples of Christ. They are loyal, compassionate, trust worthy, a friend, selfless, loving, caring, charitable and may other things. Where would we be without mothers. I can only imagine a world where we were raised by men in stead of woman. I think it would be slightly chaotic.

Happy Mothers Day. and cheers to a forever family.