Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sadie 6 Months

HALF. A. YEAR. That went by fast. And if it's possible I think Sadie gets sweeter and sweeter everyday! She is such a great baby.
At 6 months
- She is sitting up like a pro. Occasionally loses her balance and topples over, but I don't feel like I need to create a barricade of blankets and pillows around her.
- This girl loves solids. I didn't think she would because I had first tried pureed foods and she would take a few bites and be over it. Then I learned more about baby led weaning and she took off. She just didn't want her food all mashed up, she wanted to be more like us! Now if we aren't feeding her fast enough she starts to growl and scream at us, letting us know she needs more NOW.
- Starting to sleep so much better at night. I think all those solids are keeping her more full at night. So I feel awesome.
- She loves avocados, bananas, oatmeal, mangos, carrots, and sweet potatoes.
- Now that she can sit up she doesnt love to lie on her back or tummy.
- Went to the pool in town and loved it.
- Still wears some 3 month clothes as well as some 3-6 month clothes. Size 2 diapers and weighs about 14 pounds. But she still has some chubby cheeks and leg rolls.

 Love these three cuties of mine!

 Some of Sadie's first foods. She loves mango!
 Everyone in awhile Sienna wants to be a little mama to Sadie

Playing with the boy next door.


 Watching T.V. with David

First time sitting in the front of the grocery cart. It last about 10 seconds. 

David reading books to her. Makes my heart melt to see stuff like this.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sadie- 5 months

Also I have found it too confusing to say what she is doing at x month, but really she like just hit that month so everything she did she did it in her 3rd month not the 4th month, but I am documenting it like it was something she did at 4 months. Does that make sense? You guys probably won't recognize any sort of difference in how I blog, but in my mind, I will know!
- Ate some solid foods. Bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes. But she got a little constipated after eating these so I thought I'd wait a little longer to do it more consistently.
- Started going in the Jolly Jumper. She loves it. Her siblings love it more. They are always asking to go in it and if Sadie is in it they can't leave her along.
- Slept thru the night once. Oh it was so glorious. But...
- I jinxed myself. I had been telling people I have never really had a baby get up in the middle of the night and just want to be awake. She has done that a few times now. Usually its at 530. So we come to the living room, I put her under a toy mobile and fall asleep on the couch. I wake up to her passed out on the floor. She thinks she wants to party that early, but really she doesn't
- We got her ears pierced. So cute. She did pretty good. She doesn't really like me cleaning them so thats annoying since I have to do that 3 times a day for 2 months...
- Got her first little hair cut. She had this cute little tuff of hair on top of her head that stuck right up and was inches longer then the rest of her hair.
- Mostly rolling from back to tummy. Those little arms get in the way sometimes from her rolling back onto her back.
-Does not like to stand on her legs. She likes to stay in a seated position. I feel nervous that she is going to be behind on some gross motor skills...?
- Had her first reaction to something that I have no idea what it was. I hadn't been feeding her any solids but she had 3 mosquito looking bites/mounds on her legs and then after nursing a huge rash behind her ear and the back of the leg that was touching me. So I don't know what I came in contact with but I think something on me irritated her.
- Continuing to talk. She says yayayaya lots and is starting to make a dada sound.
- Has some of the loudest toots ever. In sunday school 2 rows forward and 2-3 rows back have cracked up at her more then once.
- Started putting herself to sleep. That lasted for a week. Then she screamed whenever we tried to just lay her down and put herself to sleep. It was so nice while it lasted.
-Started sitting on her own for a few seconds.
- Still the happiest more content baby ever.

bye bye little tuff of hair
snot face

Thought she wanted to party at 5 in the morning. Crashed 30 mins later.

Loves when daddy rubs her back. She fell asleep like this

Sunday, March 4, 2018

sadie 4 months

Well I don't think too much has really changed for Sadie from 3 to 4 months.  I know this because I started writing all the things she had been doing this month and thought that it souned like a broken record. Sure enough I had written pretty much the same things for month 3. Maybe thats the problem with not being on top of this each month. I can't remember what she has really done! She is still an awesome little girl none the less.
- She survived her first road trip and was a total champion. Technically she did half the trip as a 3 month old and the other half as a 4 month old. She slept pretty much the whole time and when she woke up I would feed her a bottle and then she would play with a little toy for awhile and fall back asleep.
- Went to the beach for the first time. She liked her little feet being in the sand. 
- Still adored by her siblings
- very mellow
- Had her first christmas. It came and it went and she had no idea what she just celebrated.
- Visited her cousins in California. They all loved her. Especially her aunt and uncle.
-That is all I can honestly think of!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sadie - 3 months

Sadie Sadie pretty lady. I love you. You are my favorite baby. So squishy, so cuddly, so yummy. Time is flying by with you.
At 3 months Sadie
- Went on her first road trip. We drove the 20+ hours to California to get out of the cold.We left just in time as the temps went to -20 not including the wind chill. Sadie was a champ and slept pretty much the whole time.
- Such a content baby. She doesn't need to be held all the time, but loves to be held.
- pretty easy to make smile. Hasn't really started laughing yet though.
- Obsessed with her hands. She is always sucking on them. Especially her first two fingers.
- Wears 0-3 month clothes finally.
- Starting to get a little talkative.
- I have no idea how much you weigh or how long you are now, but you are sure growing!
- Have no consistent nap or bedtime schedule. Sometimes you nap great, 2 hours at a time a few times a day, other times you are just a little cat napper. Sometimes you will only get up once the whole night, other times we are up 2-3 times. But I can't complain, because you hardly ever cry and are easy to get back to sleep at night.
- Sadie is so good to her brother and sister. She puts up with a lot from them, mostly David. He is always resting his big noggin on her tummy and poking her face but she just sits there and looks at him. She will need to get a backbone soon though otherwise David will destroy her.

 Smiling at daddy. So sweet.

 Sienna picked out your clothes. I let you stay like that for an hour then I pretended you got poop on your pants.

 Fingers making their way to your mouth

 I like big bows and I cannot lie!

 More finger sucking

With her cousin Sky. They are about 10 weeks apart.

Out for a walk on a beautiful December day.

My beautiful beautiful girl. 

Meeting Santa for the first time. 

Family photo!

Went to Temple Square to see the lights.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sadie months 1&2

I wasn't planning on blogging about Sadie. Not because she doesn't deserve to be blogged about cause she does, I just didn't know if I would find the time and when I did if that is what I would want to do. But then I found myself reading a blog post about David when he was this age and him and Sadie had all these similarities that I forgot about. I thought they were much different babies. I want to remember Sadie the way she is, so here it goes

Month one
- Born Sept 23 at 4:59. Weighed 6.14
-  slept a lot on the couch. She could sleep there for hours, but move her to her bed and she would wake up way too soon
- Napped a lot like all babies should
- weighed about 8 lbs when she turned one month (birth weight 6.14) 
- adored by her older siblings, especially David. He is always wanting to be beside her. Sometimes it was a little too much love as he would lay on her, saying he was giving her a hug.
- Slept 5 hours at night a few times. It was glorious
- Sadie was blessed when she was two weeks old
-Spent a week in the hospital as she had developed an infection soon after birth. That was sad. She had the worse veins. They had such a hard time giving her IVS and drawing her blood.
- We take a nap together almost every afternoon. She is a good cuddle bug
-You had jaundice as a baby and had to go under the lights twice. The sort of good news, you were already in the hospital receiving antibiotics for an infection, so it didn't put a kink in our lives.
- Such a stuffed up little baby. Needs a nose cleaning a few times a day.

Baby blessing day

Sweet beautiful girl.

First day home from the hospital. These two were so excited to hold her.

Sadie was there first, then David, and so of course Sienna couldn't be left out.

Pumpking carving

Walking on the nature trail with Grandma

Morning snuggles

Month Two
- Getting to be a better night time sleeper, but not taking as long of naps
- Started to smile. It's the cutest thing.
- Loves to suck on her fingers.
- Sticks her tongue out lots.
- Weighs around 9 pounds.
- Got to meet Santa for the first time.
- Starting to make all those cute baby coo noises
- Slept for 9 hours. WAAAHHHOOO. I woke up feeling like a million bucks.
- Doesn't like a pacifier. But she falls asleep easily without one so I am not bothered...yet
- Gets loved and squished by David all the time. He just thinks she is the best, and also a play doll.

2 months old!
Giraffe for halloween

First little smiles

Bath time!

Christmas jammies from Grandma. And David poking her eye out.