Sunday, October 31, 2010

lucky me

Or not so lucky me. That's more realistic. On Friday my trusty LG crazer phone died. It was a sad day in my life. Saturday was another sad day when I had to drop big money for a new phone. When I think about how much money is spent on cell phones it's kind of ridiculous. I really wish they hadn't been invented, or that society didn't "think" they "needed" them so bad. For hundreds of years people have gotten by just fine without them. Now I spend more money each month to keep in contact with people then I do on clothes, sometimes groceries, or recreation. All so I can receive little messages or phone calls from people no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing. Joy.
And another side note on cell phones is that while texting and driving you are 6 times more impaired then a DRUNK DRIVER, and in 2008 6000 people died in car accidents and half a million more injured, all because someone was using a cell phone. Yup, I think the world was slightly better off without them.

Oh a lighter note. Yesterday I completely embarrassed myself. I had sent out an email VIA facebook to about 10-15 people telling them my phone situation and to text me their number. My dear friend jennica responded directly to the email and asked me how life was going. Without thinking I responded (luckily I didn't go into to much detail but mentioned a little about my dating life and things with my room mates) after I pressed send I realized that I had sent it to not only jennica, but the other 10-15 people I had emailed previously. Like I said lucky for me I never went into date details, like names, because some of the recipients were guys I'd gone on dates with. I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide.

That was my lucky weekend.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


My life is wonderful. That's all.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So in general I'm not much of a halloween person. I don't usually dress up or go to the parties. But I wanted to get into the halloween spirit somehow and I did it how I know best. I painted my nails. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

apples to apples

On campus they have a fairly big apple orchard and they opened it up to the students and you could pick your own apples for 50 cents a pound. I got about 5 pounds of apples (which was aboult 30 smallish apples). I almost loved picking them more then actually eating them. But my roomate at I have been on an apple making craze and plan to continue. We made apple pancakes with an apple based syrup and apple cake. We have plans of making apple crisp and apple muffins.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

mama said

When oh when will I learn to listen to my mother? Maybe once I experience everything she has told me not to do will I learn. I know my mom is always right and should listen but sometimes it takes first hand experiences to really learn because I always just think no, that happens to other people not me. Well it finally happened to me. Some things my mom taught me about painting my nails I used like, placing my nail polish and hand on top of a book so as to not get it on the furniture or myself. I just wasn't smart and used a binder so it was at a slant. And for the fact it was on my lap which isn't always a stable surface. Hence my nail polish bottle slid off my binder and flung a foot long streak of BRIGHT RED nail polish on our carpet. Why oh why did I pick bright red and not gold or brown? After my room mate and I got over the first initial shock and stopped running around screaming we got into action using about a whole bottle of nail polish remover and a couple cups of water and a lot of scrubbing the bright red streak is no more. I wish in my state of shock I'd thought to take a picture but I was more focused on saving my life and bank account from destruction.

Also I wanted to make a list of my favorite songs right now. I've seen a people do this and they've given me lots of great songs so I thought I'd give back whether they read my blog or not.

"king of anything" and "gonna get over you" by sara bareilles
airliner- julia shield and tyler ward
Live and Learn- the cardigans
Letters from the sky- civil twilight
solider- Ingrid Michaelson
Not too late- norah jones
white lies- stacy clark
shy that way- liz golden and jason mraz

Friday, October 15, 2010

3 years ago

I went to Ecuador. I can't believe that much time as flown and how much I've changed because of the experience I had there

All my babies.
All my girls
The special kids who taught me to love everyone.
My baby...


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

heart's desire

*fly to california so I could cuddle with this cutest chubbiest bundle of joy.
*make my way to Tennessee to see this handsome young fellow.
*Fly down to georgia so I could be with these precious kids
Does it get cuter then this?

*Get whole family together sometime soon, cause I'm happiest when we are all together.
*Take my best friends (sorry jennica and karli but your husbands would be staying at home) and we'd go on a cruise or some sort of trip like we've always wanted.
None of this is to much to ask for right?

Saturday, October 9, 2010


It's not identical to the original but I like it that way because this is mine. It looks how I want it to look, not how someone else saw it and wants it to look.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

straw maze

Yesterday I went on a big group date to a straw maze. It was really fun. On the weekends the make it haunted. I can only imagine how scary that actually is, cause it was freaky enough when it wasn't. Me and Tyler were the first ones out. Thanks to my natural sense of direction. :)
And just so you know, I was wearing my poncho first. Then he copied me because he thought I was so cool.

Also today on campus they played the game show win it in a minute. I got called up but got out on the first one, which was lame because I could've easily done some of the other ones, but using a straw and my breath to move as many skittles into a separate bowl was not my strong point. It was still fun though and entertaining to watch. I wish I had brought my camera so I could've got a picture of me up there but I didn't think I'd be a contestant!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Cereal. The best 2 syllable word in the english language. Yesterday I found someone who shares this same love for cereal. We talked for a good 30 mins on our favorite cereals and why and relieved childhood memories revolving around cereal. This in turn led us to buying three bags of cereal and having a bowl of each that night. While I was extremely happy in the moment my body didn't think so later that night when it felt so full and was on such a sugar rush it couldn't fall asleep. Oh well it was a small price to pay for such a large amount of happiness

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Doom's Day

Today I take my first Psych test. I'm stressed. Everyone that I've talked to who has either had this teacher or is a psych major and has heard of this teacher say he is one tough cookie. So today I took a picture of my grad as it has looked for the last month. I love this grade and would love to see it stay the same but things can never stay the same. So good bye my perfect grade, I don't really look forward to knowing what you'll become in the next few hours....

Monday, October 4, 2010

living for the weekend.

This weekend was pretty great. For one it was conference. Does it get much better then that? I could've done nothing else but watch conference and have had the best weekend ever, but that was not all I did, so therefore it was even better. On friday I went on a date with my FHE brother. We went to the store Ross and had to find the ugliest outfit we could for the other and they had to out it on and then we took pictures and a vote of who had the ugliest outfit. Apparently I do a good job of making my date look ugly and pull off anything ugly cause I won every time. Then on saturday I climbed up a part of R mountain and we sat on a huge rock and star gazed. It was so nice outside. For october the weather has been fabulous. Then on Sunday I finished Harper's Island. Such a twisted ending. Also I'm almost finished my painting! It's turned out pretty well, I can't wait to be finished and hang it up.
Can I just mention that he reminded me of my dad in that shirt? I swear he owns one just like that. Also the hair cut looks somewhat similar to my dad's as well....

P.S. I'm on a facebook fast right now. And it's surprisingly much harder then I thought it would be. I feel so out of touch with the world....

Friday, October 1, 2010

who could it be?

Last night we went "creature hunting." I was taken to some middle of no where place, where we walked through a forest until we reached a river bank and built a fire. We had 3 guys and the guys I was with had every intention of killing this creature. Let me tell you about him. Supposedly here in rexburg a number of people have seen this "creature" Its about 5 feet tall and stands on it's hinds legs. It has amazing strength, as in it can chuck 10 pound rocks 40 feet into water. This is kind of it's "scaring" tactic, for every story I was told had him throwing these huge rocks into the water every 15-20 seconds. And of course we were on the river bed where many people have seen it. So while I'm still a little skeptical about it all, last night I was pretty freaked out and I didn't care to have proof that it was true and thankfully I never got the proof.