Monday, August 24, 2009

Waterton Fun #2

I've gone on a lot of little hikes in the few weeks i've been home. This is one with 2 of 3 sexxxy kitty friends (one tear for kimber
The three of us all ready to go
At our final destination- Bertha lake.
Field of purple flowers we found on the way back.


OKay so i LOVED yoga.. But i love acroyoga even more. And i just didn't know that was possible! It's been so fun trying all sorts of positions and laughing when we fall over and being amazed when we accomplish them. It's been nice being with people that actually want to try it and end up enjoying it as much as i do! Someday i hope to be flexible and strong enough to do any yoga move. I'd also like to teach yoga and some point. I just love it that much and want everyone else to enjoy it!
Karli and I on our hike up Bertha lake
This took some strength and balance.
This is the McCormicks christmas card for the year :)
Me Crystal and Chelsea. Crystal does such a good downward dog.

Waterton Fun #1

I've gone into waterton a few times this year. The first time we had a fancy dinner party. It was so nice. It was a 3 course meal and we all dressed up and played games. I slept over that night and we went on a little hike up red rock the next morning. Sadly I don't have any pictures from the fancy dinner but here is some of our hike
I also hiked summit mountain with my brother and basically adopted brother Eric. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful hike. Although i was definitely in pain the next day. i felt like a cripple trying to walk around at work. oh and i became best friends with a deer


Since being home from school, it's pretty likely that if I'm not at work you'll find me in the raspberry patch. Our patch has been growing like CRAZY! I pick a bucket a day and if i had more time i would pick even more. It's become a love of mine spending time out there.