Sunday, December 25, 2011

This christmas..

Okay I know christmas has long since passed and I should be writing about the new year and all my goals and aspirations but I just needed to post this last one about christmas at school.

This was probably the best Christmas I've ever had at school.
Our apartment was just beautiful.
I loved being inside of it.
Jessica and I slept underneath the tree about 14 times. It wasn't always the best sleep but it wa
s just magical. We even pulled a mattress out and slept in the Hallway twice.
Such great times.
Taking down christmas was the saddest thing ever. It took a lot of will power to start taking down all the snowflakes and lights.
Once it was all down but the tree we had some fun with our snowflakes.
And took some room mates pictures in front of the tree and opened up our stockings.
I'm going to miss these girls so much.

I don't know why we look happy. We had just taken down christmas!
Having a snowstorm in our apartment
Our awesome homemade sweaters
We made home made ice cream. It was comparable to G's dairy.
Last trip to g's dairy.
Sleeping underneath the christmas tree
Sleeping in the hallway. Surprisingly comfy. I wasn't squished or anything. I did bang my head once though.

Bahama Mama

This christmas I went on a cruise to the Bahama's
It was fabulous.
I'd always heard about the food on cruises but I didn't believe it could be all that.
But it was all that. It felt like there was an endless supply of food and it was always something new. And so much fruit.
And lest we forget the frozen yogurt machine. I think I had 4 bowls for lunch one time.
Only down side was the motion of the ocean was not good for me.
After being home for a few days I still felt like I was on a boat.
We knew we were going to be real party animals when the first night on the boat we went to bed at 8:30... and got up 12 hours later.
If you look at my camera you would hardly know that we were even in the bahamas...
I think I have one picture of the ocean/beach.
We rented some scooters in Freeport which was the best thing we ever did. It was so fun just bombing around going where ever we wanted to.
In Nasa we just took buses where ever we wanted to go. It was kind of a chilly day so we laid on the beach for about an hour then we went to some caves, that we never ended up going inside cause some local guy tried to convince us he was hired by the government and we had to pay to go inside. So we just walked around looking at houses. who knew that the bahamas would have such big beautiful homes. We were really tempted to buzz the intercom and ask if we could come look around their house, but we were afraid they might be drug lord's. It wasn't a risk we were willing to take.
We also went over to atlantis. And mitch jumped off this bridge. The security at the bottom told him he could get a $100 fine. Then a bahamian girl was like that was the coolest thing ever do it again! do it again! And the security guy just looked at him and was like, Yah you should probably do that again. So he did.
The last day on the boat we spent traveling back home and it was such a beautiful day!
We just laid on the deck for a couple of hours, watched some movies, and went out to dinner.
And that was the cruise. Most people probably spend all day seeing all the tourist attractions, playing on the water slide on the boat, hitting up the casinos or dance parties, and all the other activities they have on. But nope not us, we did pretty much everything you could do in America.
You have to make do with the sleeping arrangements the airport gives you
Captain's dinner
Scooter ride. Eric tried to kill me multiple times.
About to embark on our cruise adventure. Sorry eric. My hair took over your face.
Only picture of the ocean and it doesn't even look that pretty.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm going to whine.
Why does it always seem like the one(s) you like doesn't like you and the one(s) you don't like like you. The one(s) you don't like always do nice things for you, like send you texts that tell you your beautiful or leave notes on your laptop telling you to have a great day. When they see you they light up and give you a hug and just want to sit around and talk to you despite how busy they are. They say all the right things and do all the right things that should make you fall in love with them, but yet, you just don't find yourself attracted to them.
Is it because they like you so much and do everything right?
Then you have the one(s) that you like but for some reason just don't like you. You find yourself looking at your phone every 10 mins hoping they've texted you, telling you how great you look or that they want to see you. You light up every time you see them and your day is suddenly better because you got to talk to them for a brief moment.
I can't help but feel that because they don't like me, it makes me like them more, cause I feel like I want to prove to them they should like me.
Why does this always seem to happen?
Why can't you both just like each other and it be easy, instead of playing all these dumb mind games so that they don't lose interest?
Love shouldn't be this hard.
At least I have these words to give me hope.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

4 Wheeling

This happened quite awhile ago but I just got the pictures for it.
For a big group date we went 4 wheeling.
I was a little apprehensive about it because I'm never gone before and it was a cold day.
But it was so much fun!
Karston is pretty wild on the 4 wheel, but I felt relatively safe and it made it a little more fun.
But it was so beautiful cause we went through this canyon and the sun was setting.
It was the most amazing view ever. I wish we had a picture that did it justice.
Then we played in some old mining caves.
It was a little scary cause the boys were like "oh don't worry if this hole collapses it's our only way out, no big deal right?"
Then after we made a fire and cooked tinfoil dinners.
Then headed back to Karstons for hot chocolate and a scary movie. This just tells you how long ago this was, it was halloween weekend.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Just some random things.
For America thanksgiving I went home to Canada.
My friend Ross was dying to see the great land of Canada. (I don't blame him)
So he came up with me and spent it with my family. There were many nights of card games, as in every night, great food, and a chance to catch up with some old friends.
Ross wanted to see what Cardston had to offer.
We took a tour of the card home and the courthouse museum. (jennica I wish you could've been the tour guide, I know you would've done a great job and made it exciting)
We also went to waterton and I was reminded of how much I love that place, even when it's covered and snow and the wind is blowing at 70 miles per hour.
Moving on, THe last 2 FHE's have been christmas oriented. Last week we put up a christmas tree. It truly complete our apartment. This last week we made caramel apples and watched Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer in our winter wonderland. It was perfect.
My nails and wardrobe has been christmasified. Everyday I try to wear something green, red, or goldy yellow. Just to show my christmas spirit.
Also campus has been getting more into the christmas spirit. All the buildings have GINORMOUS wreaths hanging from them and almost every building has at least one christmas tree if not more. And main street has the most beautiful lights on the tree's and street lights. It's amazing. I really think this is the happiest time of the year, despite the cold.
Random side note, have you ever seen smaller hand writing?
This is my cheat sheet that I can take into the testing center for my psychology class. I know it looks like it's not readable but when you hold it about an inch from your face it's very legible.
People that see it ask if I've got the whole book written on it.
ANNNNDD. It's almost the end of the semester. I can't believe it. One more week of full classes. Then guess where I'll be? On a boat sailing the seas on my way to the bahamas.
Yup best Christmas ever.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oreo Party

There is an APT of boys that have an oreo party every once in awhile on Thursday's.
This last Thursday was their last one for the semester and it was ugly christmas sweater themed.
As some of you may know I'm the queen of ugly christmas sweaters.
Jk not really. Madison is pretty high up there.
Anyway my friend Jason needed a sweater so we went to DI and found a nice but ugly blue one and then hit up the dollar tree and got some Christmas trinkets to put on it.
I had to hand stitch the stocking the back. It made me wish I had taken more Home Ec classes.
But it turned out pretty good.
My friend Merideth borrowed Madison's home made sweater and I used mine.
They were hits!
Also a hit at this party was the mistletoe. Well maybe just for some people.
There was a guy going around and no one was safe. It didn't matter who you were talking to, if you were a boy and a girl he threw the mistletoe above your head. Then everyone started chanting "do it do it! Come it's christmas time, just kiss each other"
I was stunned at how many people actually kissed and they didn't even like each other. This just shows my naivety to the outside world. I got caught underneath the mistletoe with some guy but there was no way I was going to kiss him, even if it was christmas.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

That's not awkward at all.

So today was a day just like any other.
I had just gotten 2 text messages as I was walking into the bathroom so I paused inside the bathroom to read them before heading to the stalls.
After a good 20-30 seconds of reading I look up and realize that I'm staring at a male professor drying his hands.
Then I look to the right and notice the urinals.
I quickly whipped around red faced, laughing, and just praying that no one I knew would be outside the bathroom doors. Thankfully there wasn't
I just want to know what was going on in that professors head when I walked in because he didn't say ANYTHING. He had to have noticed that I was a female. I was in a bright red coat, a dress, and had long curly hair. There is no way he could mistake me in a quick glance as a male.
He was probably just standing there laughing to himself saying "I wonder how long it'll take that girl to realize she's in the wrong bathroom. I bet this will be the last time she walks into a bathroom looking at her cell phone or I can't wait to tell my next class about this."
After getting out of there and thinking about it I'm so glad I didn't decide to just finish reading the texts in the bathroom stall cause I never would've looked over and noticed the urinals or the professor washing his hands.
I wouldn't have realized I was in the wrong place until I was leaving the stall and the first thing I see are the urinals and quite possibly a man standing there using them!
How embarrassing.
Oh well it brightened my day because it was kind of dreary up to that point.
I hope this story brought a smile to your face as well!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winter wonderland.

I wish everyone in the world could come see our apartment.
I think it's so adorable. I'm sure it pales in comparison to some peoples homes at christmas but for college students, I think it's pretty awesome.
The pictures really don't do it justice but I'm putting some up anyway. Just so you have an idea of what you are missing out on.
Sometimes we just turn on the lights in the middle of the day, sit on the couch, and smile and stare in awe at the beauty of our living room. That probably makes us sound retarded but seriously it's the best feeling ever.
I can't help but walk into my living room and smile.
We spent about a total of 4 hours on christmas. Cutting out snowflakes is time consuming! And then tapping and tying dental floss to everything takes a lot of patience. But seriously the end results are worth it. I never want christmas to come cause I don't want to take it down.
and here is one style of christmas nails. I'm sure there will be lots more to come.

Also you may notice my new button on the right hand side.
Tell your mom, your dad, your neighbors, the ladies in your ward or anyone in general if they want some great food storage products to check out thrive.
I'm not joking this stuff is amazing. Especially the fruit. Oh and they have freeze dried ice cream sandwiches. I don't know about you guys but when there are bombs going off outside my house or raging winds from a tornado I'm going to enjoy sitting in my basement eating ice cream sandwiches.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Patience Is a Virtue.

This last Sunday my friend Anthony told me he was disappointed I hadn't blogged in a week. I told him I had until Tuesday, but truth be told I was in a bummer mood and in no way felt like writing a blog post that was substantial or insightful.

But upon reflecting on my bummer mood and why I was upset, inspiration hit.

I remembered a talk my friend Karli Low sent me probably a year and a half ago during a rough spot in my life. I found it still saved on my computer and as I read it, I found that it correlated with what we had talked about in Relief Society and Sunday School that day and that it applied to the reason I was upset in that moment.

It was a talk given by Neal A. Maxwell in 1979 on PATIENCE.

He says "Patience is not indifference. Actually, it means caring very much but being willing, nevertheless, to submit to the Lord and to what the scriptures call the "process of time."

Patience is tied very closely to faith in our Heavenly Father. Actually, when we are unduly impatient we are suggesting that we know what is best--better than does God. Or, at least, we are asserting that our timetable is better than His. Either way we are questioning the reality of God's omniscience as if, as some seem to believe, God were on some sort of postdoctoral fellowship and were not quite in charge of everything."

I have realized that I am not a patient person. It KILLS me to wait for things to happen. I know there are many times I try to rush the Lords time table for me. I have a hard time just relaxing and remembering that he has a plan for me and that it'll all unfold in the "process of time." I just need to remain faithful and put my trust in Him, which is a lot easier said then done.

In the scriptures there are many examples of where the Lord tried the patience of the Nephites in conjunction to trying their faith. He tried them as he saw fit and we are promised that if we endure it well and cheerfully we will be blessed.

Oh how I needed to read that...and this

"Paul, speaking to the Hebrews, brings us up short by writing that, even after faithful disciples had "done the will of God, they had need of patience" (Hebrews 10:36). How many times have good individuals done the right thing only to break or wear away under subsequent stress, canceling out much of the value of what they had already so painstakingly done? Sometimes that which we are doing is correct enough but simply needs to be persisted in patiently, not for a minute or a moment but sometimes for years. Paul speaks of the marathon of life and of how we must "run with patience the race that is set before us" (Hebrews 12:1). Paul did not select the hundred-meter dash for his analogy"

We can't just do what we think the Lord wants for a day or two and call it good and think that our trial of patience should be over. To reach full progression we might need to deal with it for months or years.

I know this is getting way to long. I know I don't like reading long Blog Posts no matter how good they are. So I'm just going to end with these scriptures found in James 1:2-4 and 5:10

"My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations. Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing... Take my brethren, the prophets, who have spoken in the name of the Lord for an example of suffering and affliction, and of patience. Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful (compassionate) and of tender mercy"

To me this means be grateful for your afflictions. The prophet Joseph Smith referred to his time in Liberty Jail as a temple. While it was one of his greatest times of trial and struggle the Lord blessed him with an increase in faith and gave him guidance. I know that If you bear your trials well you will be blessed and will end up better off. We cannot know joy without sorrow. The Lord gives us trials because he knows we can handle them and wants to increase our faith in Him and make us stronger. I'm grateful for opportunities to grow and to appreciate joy.

Thanks Anthony for helping me turn my frowny face upside down and looking at the bigger picture of what the Lord might be trying to teach me. I needed that.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Sunday I had to give a talk in church.
I did it on Elder Ian S. Ardern's talk in this last general conference called, "A Time to Prepare"
I wish I could say that I had really taken my talks topic to heart but I failed.
I finished writing it Sunday Morning (in my defense it was half done!)
A few nights before my talk I had a dream that I got up to the pulpit and then realized I had completely forgotten to print off my talk. The great thing was that in my dream I was so prepared I didn't even need a printed copy.
That was not the case on Sunday were 15 mins before sacrament meeting I still didn't have my talk printed off.
I should've know that dream was a sign!
So Sunday morning I finish my talk and my room mate says if I just put my talk on a flash drive they can print it at church. So I meet with the ward clerk before relief society but silly me had uploaded my rough draft...So I run home and upload the right one.
I meet with the ward clerk again before sunday school, but wouldn't you know it for some reason the computer won't recognize the flash drive now. So the ward clerk gives me his flash drive and I run home again.
This time I decide to cover my bases. I bring my lap top to church with me and upload the file and decide that just in case it doesn't work I'm going to print it off at the student printer in the Ricks building.
Well I forgot my I-card so I couldn't print it off in the Ricks.
After Sunday School I meet yet again with the ward clerk with fingers crossed that it finally prints.
And Hallelujah it does.
My lesson was learned I need to be better prepared when it comes to writing and giving talks and not wait until the last possible moment to write and print it off because then bad things happen and you almost have to wing it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kristen Gibb. You've done it again.
This blog post inspires me.
All you single and even dating ladies need to read this.
Out with the new back with the old!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So I went on this date the other day.
And well this guy was kind of a piece of work.
I wish I could say it was just because he was nervous or something but I had talked to him a few times before and that was my first impression. I was just hoping he'd change it.
So starts off with him going to open my door, which is a nice gesture that I appreciate.
But it was locked so he had to walk over to his side to open it. Once there he said I'm not coming back over to open the door. I figure you can get it yourself.
(I really don't mind opening my door, I just didn't like his attitude when saying it)
Then we are sitting at guitars unplugged and he says I'm glad you weren't already busy tonight, but if you were I would've just asked another girl.
(Uhh.. yah I'm glad to, I also hope I wasn't the fourth girl on your list of options either.)
Throughout the night I don't know if he was trying to impress me with how hot and wanted he thinks he is. He told me about all these girls that wanted to date him and just wanted his body but he was like whoa we've only gone on one date I don't want you to be all over me.
(But guess who was trying to be all over me...)
Then when he's dropping me off he tell me that I'm really pretty....and if I wasn't he would've have asked me out.
Basically I felt like an object the whole night.
Another sense I get from him is that he plans on dominating the relationship.
I feel sorry for the poor woman he controls for eternity.
Thank goodness it won't be me.

Sorry for this post has zero value. And maybe you don't think it sounds that bad but you weren't on the date. My description might not do it justice.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Does it get sweeter?

This blog post is dedicated to my sweet sister madison. I've dedicated posts to her before but she keeps doing things that remind me how awesome she is!
As you have probably noticed from how much complaining I've done on my blog my last week was particularly stressful along with all the ones previously.
Madison being so thoughtful wanted to do something nice for me just because I was being a baby!
She MADE me this earing holder book. She saw it on pintrest and knew it was something I'd like.
But it doesn't stop there. She then bought me 6 pairs of earings and 2 watches.
I don't know what I did to deserve such a great thoughtful sister.
She is always thinking of others.
She is more then willing to listen to me complain.
She gives the best shopping advice. When I go with her I buy so much more then when I'm by myself....Maybe this is a bad thing?
When we were young I remember making her cry and I just had the whole suck it up attitude.
But then if the roles were reversed she's always come and put her arms around me and try to comfort me. She is just so loving.
I miss her so much when I'm away at school.
It's like I'm without my best friend and I don't like that.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


(Say this to the tune of 5 little monkeys)
One little girl lifting heavy weights over her head,
did it wrong now her back is dead.
She went to the chiropractor and the chiropractor said,
"You're sacrum, which is a triangular bone in the lower part of your back has shifted down and to the left side of your back. You need to do more stretches and come and see me again on Friday so you can spend 25 dollars for me to pop your back."
Okay so he didn't say ALL of that, but it's implied.
But the first part is really true.
For those of you who don't know what the sacrum is or looks like (i didn't) here is an image.
And here is a brief description of the sacrum thanks to wikepedia. "In vertebrate anatomy the sacrum (plural: sacrums or sacra) is a large, triangular bone at the base of the spine and at the upper and back part of the pelvic cavity, where it is inserted like a wedge between the two hip bones. Its upper part connects with the last lumbar vertebra, and bottom part with the coccyx (tailbone). It consists of usually five initially unfused vertebrae which begin to fuse between ages 16–18 and are usually completely fused into a single bone by age 26."
I have a feeling my bones will never fuse together and that I'm going to need a walker by the time I'm 30.
I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Physically Impaired. Spiritually repaired.

So I've got two handicaps.
One is my foot and the other is my back.
Neither make walking or carrying a 10 pound backpack any fun.

This story my seem irrelevant but I promise it isn't. It's background!
Probably almost 2 years ago I dropped a casserole dish from about 6 ft high on my foot.
Sure it hurt but I went to bed and in the morning had forgotten it had even happened
Half way thru work the next day, my foot really starts to hurt and I'm trying to remember if I tripped at some point and kind of rolled my ankle cause I couldn't remember why it hurt.
Then I remembered the casserole dish
By the end of the night I was using crutches because I couldn't put any pressure on my foot it hurt so bad. But the weird thing was it wasn't swollen or bruised or anything.

So how that ties in to my foot problem now is that they other night I was putting on the lid to my water bottle.
It's a contigo so it has a bigger heavier lid then most water bottles.
It fell from my hands and headed for the floor.
So I stuck my foot out to break the fall.
In the 1.3 seconds it took to get from my hands to my foot I remember thinking I should just let it hit the ground. But that'll be loud so I'll use my foot to break the fall, there is no harm in that.
Same foot and same place as the casserole dish.
My room mate thinks I bruised my foot bone. I can also hear the grinding of tendons or something when I flex and unflex my toes.
Like I said walking around campus isn't any fun.

Next doing crossfit I did one of the moves wrong and used to much back and not enough legs and pulled a muscle, slipped a disc, threw out my back something along those lines. My left lower back is in constant pain. I got home and laid on a bag of frozen peas for an hour.
Not joking, I almost cried in every class I went to because I was so miserable sitting in the desks. I took a shower last night and noticed that I had two long blue veins running down both sides of my legs. It seriously freaked me out. I thought I might wake up paralyzed.

Anyway I know this has gotten long and I really don't mean to complain so much cause it could be worse, I could really be paralyzed or have no legs or something equally terrible.
So this temporary discomfort just makes me appreciate all that my body can do and encourages me to take better care of it.
My home teachers gave me a blessing and there were just things said in there that reminded me of how mindful the Lord is of me in every circumstance. It went beyond just blessing my back.
I know He knows me and knows what is best for me. I know He answers prayers and I know He has the power to heal anything whether it's a hurt back/foot, a broken heart, or a sorrowful spirit He is there for us and will help us if we ask. I'm so grateful for the tender mercies in my life and for moments like this. Even though it sucks and is painful I learn so much about the Savior and his hand in my life.
I love the gospel.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Almost missed it

EEkkk just remembered it was music monday.
It keeps coming up so quickly.
And I can't believe I almost let it pass me by since I was so excited to share this song today.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
I just think it's such a tender song.
I hope this is me for someone someday.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I feel like I'm running around in giant circles.
I get to the end of the circle and feel like I can take a breath and enjoy the accomplishment.
But then it starts all over again.
I'm almost out of breath and energy....
In order to conserve energy I deactivated my facebook account for awhile.
It was just one of those dumb things that took up way to much of my time.
I couldn't start or finish the day without checking it and if was my go to when I felt like I needed a break...and 30 mins later started studying again.
Next to go is my cell phone.
Okay it's not literally going to go, but I think I'm going to shut it off for mass amounts of time this weekend so that it doesn't distract me.
Maybe some of you think I'm taking my studies a little to seriously and I should lighten up but I honestly feel so stressed when I think of all the homework and test I have due this coming week. By doing dumb things like going on facebook and texting people I probably waste about 2-4 hours everyday. That's valuable time I could take away from study and actually spend with people in person.
How much nicer would that be?
To re cap the past few days in case anyone cares to here what I've been up to (this is really mostly for my mom and adria)
On Friday I went to the Haunted Straw maze.
It was actually pretty freaky. I don't really get scared when people jump out at me I get most afraid when they keep following me after they jump out! It drives me insane to have them just breathing down my neck!
Then on Saturday I went to this beautiful mansion house.
It was located on a river bank, had a huge green yard and was complete with an indoor heated swimming pool. Hello fun.
Jessica and I watched Seven Brides for Seven brothers and no one can convince me that that show isn't AMAZING. I'm a sucker for impromptu singing about love and the mountains.
I love the sobbin' women and the barn dance.
Gideon is the cutest little red head of them all.
Then last night I went country dancing.
Pretty sure it's safe to say I have zero rhythm (I blame my father)
But it really was fun. And we got hot chocolate with frozen custard in it.
That my friends is an amazing combination and I bet it would taste equally awesome with just your average ice cream.
Okay enough blogging. Time to get back to the grind.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh where or where has my blogging time gone?

I seriously feel like I never have time to blog anymore.
And if I do I usually do on my blog for my class since that's worth a grade.
Sometimes I'm just so overwhelmed with school.
At the beginning of this week I didn't think I would survive.
But I'm still alive.

Last weekend Madison and Eric came down to Rexburg and picked me up and we continued on to Utah for General Conference weekend.
But before we left we went apple picking.
And got G's dairy twice.
And Utah was awesome.
We went bowling, watched "scary" movies, went shopping (bad but good), got kneaders french toast buffet (delicious) and of course watched general conference.
I miss Madison. I'm so excited to be room mates again in the winter

Oh and guess what made my day today?
It snowed.
I'm angry.
It ruins all the fall fun
Like straw mazes, the haunted mill, corn mazes, and walking to school in sweaters.
oh well it's was only a matter of time.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cross fit.

Major props go out to you people who do cross fit.
A friend from home is going a research project for a class here at BYU-I.
They are testing if cross fit really improves what it claims to prove.
If you haven't heard of cross fit before let me tell you, I think it's worse then P90X.
Well actually I can't fairly say that cause I usually don't finish all of the P90X workout.
The point is, IT"S HARD.
Everyday there is a new routine.
Yesterday we did Cindy
(why they have sweet girl names I don't know, because the workouts are anything but sweet)
For 20 mins straight we had to do sets of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 squats.
Some people are ANIMALS and did 15 sets, all the hard way!
As in no girly push ups and they didn't use a box to give them momentum when doing a pull up.
After I got home I could barely life my arms to do my hair and make up.
Instant pain people.
Maybe when I'm finished I'll look like this though!
I don't know why they'd ever want bodies like that.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Music tunedays

Music tunedays.
It's music mondays but on TUesday. So music tunedays
(I think I'm pretty clever)

Well for all you vampire diaries fans this song is nothing new.
But it is on repeat for me.
Hope my room mates don't hate me for listening to nothing else and singing to it at the top of my lungs in the shower.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hi Blog it's me, Chanel

I feel like I have fallen off the blogging planet.
It's not because I have had a lack of things to blog about.
I really just haven't had time to blog.
Life has been way to full, which has it's ups and downs.
The ups being I went to Utah last weekend, went to ihop at 2 in the morning, went repelling, on a motorcycle ride, watched world of dance, visited and painting my nails with my best friend jennica, and got to see my family.
It was a great trip but it created a lot of downs for this last week.
I had an great lack of sleep, made worse by the fact I didn't do any homework, made worse by the fact I had 2 tests due at the end of the week. Oh and did I mention they were worth 80% ofmy grade? I think I had every reason to feel stressed this week.
But on the plus side. I got to celebrate a friends birthday, went to the driving range not once but twice, my mom came and visited (I have the best mom, she painted my fingers and toes AND massaged my feet while I studied), I did really well on my tests, got to go apple picking with my friend Samantha, and I watched an amazing General Relief Society Meeting.
After Sam and I had finished picking apples we were wandering around the gardens and found tons of raspberry patches. So we just started walking along reading the different types of berries and of course we had to try all the different kinds to find out which ones we liked.
As we were walking back we see a sign that says this "Please don't eat the raspberries, they are being collected as data for research"
We both are praying that we don't die from eating pesticides with unknown side effects.

Lastly I finished my latest painting. It's by the same guy as my last one. Leonid Afemov.
Every last one of his pictures are amazing.
Check them out because my reproduction doesn't do him justice.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Epic fail

Okay so I've been a failure at music monday.
But I've been doing really well with music tuesday.
I wish I had more then just a song to share today.
Like some deep thought provoking question or story.
Or something funny and random to make you smile.
But sorry. All I have is a song today.
Maybe when I don't feel like I'm running on battery power and can recharge I'll do a good blog.

Here is the song.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Family relations

This weekend I went to Utah.
This weekend I went to bed at 5 in the morning and got up before nine.
This weekend I played too much and didn't sleep or study enough.
So tonight I am tired.
And guess what?
I started a second blog.
So I don't even feel bad that I'm not really blogging on here.
My other blog is for my Family Relations class.
I'd love if you'd take a look and leave your thoughts and opinions.
That is all for tonight.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The good the bad and the Ugly

I had g's dairy for the first time this semester. Still delicious
My room mates are awesome.
I got into the classes I wanted, well for the most part.
I can still walk outside without a jacket.
I went to wal-mart and saw 5 people I hadn't seen since last semester. I love that.
G's dairy had a deal on their ice cream this week.
Woman's conference, CES fireside, and devotional all in 4 days. AMAZING.
Room mate dinner and game night with 904.
It's Wednesday, which means it's hump day!
I'm going to Utah this weekend. Mt. Timp you are mine!
There is a greater number of more attractive boys at BYUI this year.

( I couldn't decipher between what might just be bad and what might be ugly)
I lost $12 at G's. I hope I answered someone's prayers.
I have so much reading to do and outlines to write (so why am I blogging?)
BYUI has WAY too much construction going on at one time. Big detours to get to class.
Come winter I'm really going to hate the walk from the Clark to the Ridge. SO LONG.
The internet at the ridge might be worse then Tuscany and I didn't think that was possible.
I went to sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on my yogurt and the whole lid popped off. I mean I love cinnamon but that was a little too extreme.
While there is more attractive boys I have found a large part of them to be freshman.
I don't have a picture to upload with this and I need to end now and do homework.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

opps monday came and went

I started school yesterday.
It was just kind of busy and stressful because yet again this year my schedule kept falling through.
Wonder what's in store this semester.
Anyway in my haste to get my schedule figured out, for to the ward opening social and complete some homework I totally forgot about music monday.
But I have a good one.
Seems appropriate since it talks about summer and the care free days it brings.
Yesterday ended my summer and with it brought cares and stress of school.
Summer come back.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today's Woman

Last night I went to an incredible fireside here at BYU-I.
There was 2 members from each General board of Relief Society, Young Womans, and Primary.
They talked about knowing our identity, covenants/obedience, and being a woman of influence.
It was seriously amazing.
I'm just going to paraphrase a few points from each topic.
* If we see ourselves the way our loving Heavenly Father sees us then we can understand our true identity and become who we are meant to be.
*If the Lord were to speak to me in person he would urge me to understand my true identity.
* How can we find out how he sees us? By finding out about Him. Learn of him and seek to know him. Then we can gain a better understand of who we really are.
* Our true identity is that we are children of God
*covenants require commitment and obedience. They remind us that as we draw closer to the Savior our weaknesses can become our strengths
*Hang on to your covenants. Satan has become more cunning and deceiving as he tries to destroy these covenants.
*Take comfort in the fact that you have been obedient. Whatever else comes your way doesn't matter. You've been faithful in what matters most.
*The purpose of the TASK is to STRENGTHEN the relationship. Whatever the Lord asks us to do our trial that comes our way is intended to strengthen the relationship with those involved and also with our Heavenly Father and Savior.
* We have been PREPARED for this TIME. Figure out what your purpose is, why were you saved for this time.
* A covenant woman has the power to influence those around her. Be involved IN the world, but don't be a woman OF the world.
* Who can we invest (influence) in today. Who needs our help to lift them up? As a daughter of God we have a divine quality to help bear the burdens of others and lift them up.

And it was all summed up when the last speaker said. "Care about your identity. Care about your covenants and relationship with your Heavenly Father. Care about who you invest in."

Here are 2 videos everyone should watch.

I know this is already significantly long but I just wanted to add a little something from
M. Russel Ballard's talk in the 2010 April conference titled "Mother and Daughters"
"Speaking to the women of the Church nearly a century ago, President Joseph F. Smith said: “It is not for you to be led by the women of the world; it is for you to lead the … women of the world, in everything that is praise-worthy, everything that is God-like, everything that is uplifting and … purifying to the children of men”" (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith [1998], 184).

"It is, unfortunately, all too easy to illustrate the confusion and distortion of womanhood in contemporary society. Immodest, immoral, intemperate women jam the airwaves, monopolize magazines, and slink across movie screens—all while being celebrated by the world. The Apostle Paul spoke prophetically of “perilous times” that will come in the last days and specifically referenced something that may have seemed particularly perilous to him: “silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts” (2 Timothy 3:1, 6).

He goes on to say that we should model ourselves after our mothers. Not after the woman we see in magazines and movies. They don't share the standards of the Lord. We need to learn from our mothers strength, her courage, and her faithfulness.
I think about how many less problems we might have in the world if girls chose to look up to their mothers then to look up to the woman in the media. Just like was said in the fireside we need to be woman involved in the world, but not woman of the world. We need to dress modestly, respect our bodies and ourselves. We need to nurture and love those around us. We need to be woman of God.
I don't know about anyone else but the world today scares me a little. But I do take comfort in the fact that I can be a woman of influence and that I can change the lives of those around me. I can raise my kids to know who they are and to model themselves after the Lord's example and not the example of the world. How I conduct myself will affect the lives of others. It's kind of a big responsibility that I don't think about to often. But I'm so glad I was reminded of it and can start today to be a woman of influence.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chief Mountain Part 1 and 2

In case you haven't noticed... I love hiking.
I can't think of a better way to spend a day off.
Also as previously mentioned I love Chief Mountain.
It's the one hike I don't mind doing over and over again.
It's got so much variety to it.
Forests, hills, rock/boulder fields, shale, rock climbing, and thin ridges for a thrill.
It's seriously amazing.
Everyone should do it before you die.
And if you need a guide since there are no trails I'm your person.
You'd be doing me a favor.

Anyway both times have been interesting.
Reflect back to my post about timing being everything.
Both times we've done this hike, timing has been everything.
The first time we met up with an extraordinary man named Lou,
We met him about 2 hours into our hike and he was coming in from a different direction.
Hello timing?
I'm sure he would've been fine finding his way up the mountain, but he was certainly thankful that we were there to help guide him and also shave off a 2 hours extra on his hike back down.
He was a 60 year old man whose hiked every trail and Glacier and has done many many mountains. I just got a letter from him today with some pictures he took of us and the cutest note. He wants to do another hike with us. Sweet right?
Second time we met up with a group of 4 kids our age at the very beginning. (timing)
They had never gone and were happy to have some guidance.
At the same place we met Lou we met an asian who called himself Butters....?
Turns out him and Eric (old exchange student) went to the same school in Taiwan.
Coincidence? I doubt it.
Timing? Perfect.
If we hadn't arrived at the same time as the group of kids we would never have seen them.
If we hadn't stopped for as long of water and picture breaks we never would've met up with butters, who is now coming to church with Eric.
Timing is amazing.
Like I said before they are simple reminders that the Lord is mindful of everyone.
I hope that my group being LDS left a good impression on the others we joined up with and that they'll always have a positive feeling towards LDS members, especially if they ever come in contact with the missionaries.
Okay here are some pictures.
And sorry for the lack of group pictures. It seems everyone has their camera so I don't pull out mine for the group shots and then it almost looks like I hiked by myself with a personal photographer.
Do you see the chief in the mountain. His side profile is the top of the mountain.
At the very top! Highest point 9567...or some number like that
The gang before Lou
Second round. Planking on a mountain
A little yoga to start off the day.