Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ten. X. 10 months!

Sienna has grown so much this month! Its amazing the difference one month can make in a babies life.

Weight: 14.8 (slow and steady!)
Sleep: She has slept thru the night a few times, but more often goes down at 730, we wake her up before we go to bed and give her bottle, just so she will sleep until 8 so we don't have to get up during the night! (Is that bad??) All I know is we love sleeping all night long.
Loves: Stuffed animals. In particular, a small teddy bear, a pink pig, and the pink bunny she gets pictures with. After a nap when I pull her out of the crib she reaches back in so she can pick up at least one of these stuffies. I think it's adorable. She is also very addicted to anything that looks like an apple product. She gets mad if it turns off or mad if we take it away. And every day I tell myself I am not going to use any of these things in front of her but everyday I fail.
She also loves to "dance" to music which consists of just flapping her arms. And she is obsessed with reaching out one hand to people, it's like her special way of saying hello or something.
Nicknames: Monster, Monkey, Coffee (coughy) bean, biggie, cutie bum, Bum Bum, Benna, Sienna baby, baby, love, grumpy pants, SiSi.
Words: Says mama and dada and I think she has figured out there is a meaning to them. She cries at my feet and just says mamamamama and when I feed her. When Matt walks into the room she will start saying dada. And the other day out of the blue, she knocked over some toilet paper and so I said uh-oh and the clear as day she said uh-oh. Matt, who was in the other room had to ask who said that. I tried getting her to say it again and she said it once more but it was a lot more strained and grunty then the first.
Miscellaneous: Sienna has gotten a few night terrors this last month. Hopefully she grows out of them soon. Its kind of scary because she usually keeps her eyes shut, cries uncontrollably, twitches out a little, and there is nothing I can do. She has finally stopped army crawling and crawls on her hands and knees. Plays strange to almost any man, but will go to any woman. Thinks she is just about the best thing since sliced bread, which she is.

Pictures of achievements and fun.
Sienna has two teeth now! Oh how cute little baby teeth are. Sienna handled teething pretty well, a little fussier and a lot more cuddly, which made teething so manageable.
* cuddles with mom and Gilmore girls. She couldn't want for more. 

Sienna loves eating and we have had fun trying new foods with her. Her favorite foods so far are potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, avocados, oranges, and pancakes. She lets me feed her for the first little while then she becomes a grumpy pants and will only eat if she is in charge, which leads to a big mess.

Loves to mimic people. It is adorable. She learned how to do the finger thing with her mouth after me showing her once. She loves it when I stick out my tongue and move it back and forth you can just see her mind trying to figure out how to do it as she opens her mouth and just sticks out her tongue.

*Einstein Baby after a bath. Which she loves. She also loves to just play in an empty bath tub.
* Wild hair don't care

*Our Lucky Leprechaun 

*Just playing with a grapefruit, like every other normal baby...

*The straw. Still a favorite toy

*One of her favorite stuffies

* Juicing it up. Just trying to make up for all the junk she gets fed.

* First couple of minutes were fun, then it just wasn't anymore.

* Just doing her thing, being cute.

Loves the swings. I wish it was nice out more often so we could go out more. But hey, we will take the few nice days we have had.
* Boogie fever