Sunday, October 23, 2016

11 months

I never know how to start these things. But I do know that I love David so much. He is so much fun. This boy loves to play outside. It's his favorite place. He hates it when I open the door but don't let him go outside. He screams. He liked playing in the snow, but his little hands got too cold too fast from eating snow and not wanting to keep his gloves on. Still loves playing in the sandbox at nana's house and going in the swing. He liked playing in the leaves too. Not as much as snow though. I am not excited for real winter because it will be way to cold for us to go outside and play in the snow. I don't know what this boy is going to do! Okay, here are some fun facts about David.

≈ Standing for longer periods of time without help
≈ Will take a "falling" step or two towards you
≈ Loves to pull Sienna's hair
≈ So easy to make smile
≈ Likes woman more then men. He will play shy with the biggest grin on his face to any woman, but a man looks at him and tries talking to him and he just stares.
≈ Slept thru the night again! 7-7. It was so wonderful.
≈ Loves taking baths
≈ He loves to follow Sienna and her friends around.
≈ Can't stay out of my cupboards and loves to play with my rice maker and salad spinner
≈ Can sort of say all done and apple. He will repeat the sounds after I say them, but doesn't really do it on his own, or to tell me that he is all done or wants an apple.
≈ Getting more cuddly. Which I love love love.
≈ Has three top teeth with the other side one coming in shortly.
≈ Has become quite the screamer.
≈ Practically refuses to let us feed him. Unless he isn't in the highchair then he is a little better
≈ Still takes 2 naps. 1 hour or so and getting further apart... Almost time to transition to 1 nap...
≈ Shakes his head back and forth
≈ Gives the best open mouth kisses ever.
≈ Loves all food, especially yours.
≈ Got his first shiner thanks to me. He fell off my parents little playground. I put too much trust in my lightening fast reflexes (which I don't have) and David's ability to stop before the ladder, which he did, but then he decided to lunge this time, instead of every other time I followed him from side to side. It may be his first, but I trust it won't be his last.
11 months

 Impromptu photoshoot after taking his 11 month pictures.

This boy loves his ice cream!

 Giants fan for life
Likes eating the snow