Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baby love

Maybe it's too soon to write about this since I still have 9 weeks left to enjoy being pregnant but there are definitely some things I already know I am going to miss.
Number 1. Matt talking to the baby. Just about everyday Matt says "excuse me, I need to have a moment with my baby" from there he will put his head on my belly, give it a little kiss and talk to her. Sometimes he starts laughing and I ask him what's funny. He tells me that him and baby are telling each other jokes or secrets and that I can't hear them. This morning he gave her, her first life lesson. He said "you can only kick sometimes. You can kick to be nice, so that we can feel you, but you cannot kick to be mean, that isn't good." He probably said that cause one time Matt went to kiss my belly and at that exact moment baby kicked and it got him in the chin. :)  I love love love those moments and it makes me so excited for when baby is here and Matt will still likely be doing the same things, just not with my belly.
Number 2. Having people tell you how cute you are pregnant, asking about the baby and pregnancy, and wanting to touch my belly. I know it bothers some people and maybe it's because this is my first but I love it. I love everyone knowing I am pregnant and I love  any chance to talk about her. I think this whole process of being pregnant is amazing. I love what my body can do and I am so excited for all my girl friends to be pregnant so they can see just how neat it is.
Number 3. Feeling this wild monster in my belly. She gets so crazy in there sometimes and I just wish my stomach was transparent so I could see what she is doing to make my stomach move that way. Sometimes I feel like she is having spaz attacks in there because my whole belly is moving and I can feel tons of little kicks and punches. Sometimes I like to think she is trying to tickle me with her fingers and that's why I can feel all these little twitches in only one spot. Sometimes when she moves it does get me to laugh because it really does kind of tickle and feel funny, especially by the ribs.
Number 4. I will kind of miss taking pictures of my growing belly and counting up or down the weeks. Soon I am going to have this baby and before I know it she will be one years old and I'll probably wish I could go back to being 8 months pregnant with her and starting all over.

Yup those are just a few things I will miss about this sweet little baby inside of me. But I can't wait for her to get here and to fall even more in love with her and enjoy all the pleasant and not so pleasant moments that are sure to come.
                                                                 31 weeks! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day of love.

This was probably one of the best valentines days ever. Maybe it's because I am married so I spent it with me the love of my life, but I truly had a great day. 
It started out with Matt trying to sneak out of bed in the morning to make me breakfast. Any other day and I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it, but since it was valentines day I knew something was up but didn't want to ruin the surprise. He came back to bed about 20 mins later with heart shaped pancakes, berries, whipped cream, and peanut butter. All my favorite toppings for pancakes. It was so sweet. He had also made a heart shape out of little twix candy bars surrounding one of our favorite movies, pitch perfect, with a jumbo bag of sour gummy worms. Not quite sure why he included the gummy worms cause those really aren't me favorite, but they are his, so he must have thought I wasn't going to do anything for him for valentines day and wanted to get himself a gift. Silly boy. 

My gift to Matthew was something I saw on Pinterest. The one on pintrest definitely looked a lot better as they took great time or spent money for the template and vintage cards but I was a Procrastinator and didn't have time for that fancy stuff. So I took a deck of rook cards and cut out red and white backgrounds to paste on the cards and wrote 52 reasons why I loved Matt. 

That night we had dinner on the heart shaped plates I had got us last year and drank from red goblets. I think it'll be a little tradition for us to use those each year. Then we went to a married stake valentines day dance. It was actually really fun and it was nice to never have to worry about who you were going to dance with during a slow song and awkwardly sit in the corner just hoping someone comes and asks you to dance. Little baby went for quite the ride as this mama was dancing the night away. We came home and watched one of my favorite chick flicks. "How to lose a guy in ten days" On one of the cards I put "I love that you watch girly shows with me" because Matt always becomes addicted to the silly shows I watch. So much so that I have to stop watching them by myself so we can watch them together. So he is always up for a chick flick which is pretty nice for me. At the end of the night we both talked about how great of a day this was. I wish valentines day came around a little more often. :) 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Baby middlings

The second trimester was much more enjoyable and exciting then the first one. I could actually stay awake the whole day and I came to like salads again. It was wonderful.

2nd Trimester Symptoms: weeks 14 to 27

Nausea: became pretty much non existent. 
Headaches: A lot less frequent then the first trimester. I did get a really bad migraine that lasted about 2.5 days which caused me to throw up the one time my whole pregnancy to this point. 
Cravings/aversions: started to enjoy vegetables again just plain and water can now be a normal temperature. I still don't like mint gum and I have a new love for peanut butter. It's one thing I have everyday and sometimes spoonfuls of it. Still craving things like Mac and cheese and candy but it's a lot more controllable. So far no late night runs to the grocery store for Matt. I crave things when I see them on a commercial or pintrest but never enough to eat them at that moment. Sometimes he wishes I would act on it, especially when I crave steak...
Exercise: running 2 miles, pilates, elliptical and weights. 
Baby stuff: made some big purchases. Jogging stroller, car seat, pack and play, onesies sleepers and pants. Been givin a lot of clothes from friends and family. And I crocheted a pink baby blanket for her. 
Maternity clothes: a couple of shirts and one pair of jeans. I think I will make it the winter without a maternity coat! 
Movement: started feeling her move at about 20 weeks. It was so exciting! I could see my stomach moving and Matt was able to feel her that same day. Now she doesn't stop moving and I love it, except when it's in the ribs, cause then it hurts. She has also started getting the hiccups a lot. 
Sleep: It has been good and bad. I still sleep on my back sometimes... It's just too comfy to give up. Wake up because I am hungry more often and sometimes stay awake for an hour or so after, but I usually have baby to keep me company. 
Weight gain: 15-17 pounds. Christmas was really good to baby. She got all the treats she had been craving. 

                                         18 weeks

                                             24 weeks

                                  27 weeks 

It was really exciting to find out the gender of the baby. I had first thought it was a girl based on 2 dreams I had about a little girl, but then Matt and I both had dreams about a baby boy and just started referring to her as he because "it" was to impersonal. So we had become convinced it was a boy. So when the dr announced it was a girl we were both a little shocked, but so happy all at the same time. It was so fun to see her on the ultrasound moving around and looking like a real baby. I could hardly believe she was in there. I wish I had an ultrasound machine in my house and could see her all the time! We didn't tell our family in any special way about her being a girl. I kind of wanted to but Matt doesn't really understand why people go thru all the trouble to announce these kind of things. He likes the old fashioned way of just calling people up and telling them. (Fun sucker). I love that I am having a baby girl and have had fun looking at all the cute baby girl things. Matt kind of wishes we could go back to the days when we didn't know because then I couldn't purchase anything... :)