Saturday, December 27, 2014

California Christmas Part 1

I hate to admit it, but I love California during the winter time. I told Matt last Christmas when we were in California that we had to spend the next one in Canada. All it took was one big snow storm the beginning of November and my mind was changed and we bought tickets to California. I can't say I have really regretted the decision. Now for a bunch of pictures.

Sienna did really well on the flight, only fussing a little cause I think she was tired of being held. (This girl has places to go and people to see. She can't be held all day long!) I love these pictures of her in the airplane seat cause it makes her seem so grown up.

The first few days we spent in Fresno which was fun cause we got to show Sienna off to people Matt cares about. We also went to Christmas Tree Lane. It's a street where houses are required to decorate for christmas and during the Christmas Season, in the evening, it is closed off for people who want to see the lights! I wish I would've taken more pictures, but since we were in a car it was a little hard. 

Next we took the train down to Rancho Santa Margarita to visit my brother Brandon and his wife. We had so much fun! The weather was a little cooler then usual but that didn't stop us from having a great time. They have memberships to a fantastic gym. Crystal and I went to a "Bar class." We did some plies and pointe work, and various other exercises using the bar, a band, and a ball. One night we dropped our kids off at the gym day care and went crazy. We went down the waterslides, hot tubbed, went in the sauna, and rock climbed. It was such a fun night. I kind of felt like I was in high school again. Sadly no pictures.

 Jadyn was such a good cousin to Sienna. She liked to hold her, push her in the stroller, and give her lots of kisses and hugs.

 Kennedy also loved Sienna, maybe a little too much. That hug you see was generally how she hugged her, and if you tried to pull her off, she just squeezed tighter. Glad Sienna is still alive. 
 Quinncy and Sienna are 3 months apart, although aside from Sienna being more mobile, you wouldn't know it since they are about the same size. Love them together. 

We also went to Balboa Island and rented bikes and rode them along the beach. It was sooo beautiful. I loved having the beach and ocean on one side and then beautiful beach front homes on the other side. The weather was also the perfect temperature, at least on the first leg of our trip. On the way back the wind was against us and Sienna was not happy! She cried the whole way back and had a combination of tears, drool and snot all over her face.

So far it has been a great trip! California Christmas Part 2, coming soon!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sienna's 8 month update

Another month has come and gone. Sienna is 8 months old! By the time we get back from our trip to California, she will almost be 9 months!

Sienna is about my favorite person in the whole world. Sometimes I find myself wanting her to wake up from a nap so I can play with her. I just miss my bud!

She is weighing in at a whooping 13 lbs 6 oz. Still no teeth, but getting around the room much better.

Sienna loves to play peek a boo and has figured out how to do it herself. If I put a blanket over my head she pulls it off me with a big smile and whenever she is given a blanket the first thing she does is hold it over her face and then pulls it down with, you guessed it, a big smile on her face. 

She is also a little trickster. There have been a number of times we have gone to check to see if she is asleep and she appears to be. So I proceed to pull the blanket over her. As soon as the blanket touches her, she opens her eyes wide and starts smiling and kicking. It's the funniest thing. (Although these pics were taken at different times and the flash was blinding her, that's what it's like)

Oh baby baby she's a wild one

So wild, I sometimes put her in a cage.

And let her lick the bowl clean because I don't want to get close to her razor sharp gums.

These two LOVE to play together. As soon as they see each other, big smiles cross their faces and they crawl to each other and reach out to touch hands or faces. If you couldn't tell from the pictures, Caleb loves to crawl all over Sienna.

Just relaxing all cool. 
I love that she can feed herself now. My life got so much easier

Oh I love this silly girl!

This picture breaks my heart and makes me laugh at the same time. 
Sienna had some positive and negative experiences with Santa. The first time, she did alright, maybe because she never turned around to look at him. Second time, not the case. She cried the whole time he tried to hold her. So it became a family christmas picture

Cute little Reindeer.
SO excited for her first christmas. She has loved playing with all the ornaments and touching the tree. I really hope she has some interest in opening up her presents, but I am not totally betting on it.

Well that's it for the update and picture overload. Since getting my new camera, I feel like I am taking pictures all the time, and I love them all!