Friday, August 26, 2016

Better out than in.

9 months. That's how long I carried David in my tummy and now that is how long I have carried him in my arms. While I totally miss my little cuddly sleepy newborn I am LOVING how interactive he is getting with all of us, especially Sienna. I love it because Sienna doesn't want my attention all the time. She is actually pretty satisfied with Davids and he loves it too. My favorite is being in a different room then them and just hearing the giggles and sneaking a peak to see what they are up too.

At 9 months David is:
- Pulling himself up on everything and figuring out how to walk along it
- Has climbed up 2 stairs. Maybe could've done more, but this mama was a little worried as he kept stopping to sit on each step almost causing him to topple backwards.
- Loves stuffed animals as much as his big sister. He just flops into them and rubs his face all over them
- Eating really well. We have branched into some "harder" foods to eat. Toast, pancakes, oatmeal. He eats pretty much all of them with bananas, raspberries and PB.
- Pretty sure he is allergic to eggs. I tried making home made yogurt bites and they called for egg whites. He ate some of them and then projectile vomited twice. So we won't be trying eggs with him for a long while.
- speaking of food. He is a obsessed with the fridge
- Loves to play shy. I love it too cause he just nestles into my shoulder.
- Big fan of the swings
- love putting rocks and grass in your mouth. Which makes it a little difficult to go outside or enjoy the park.
- if you open a door leading outside that boy cruises to get there before you close it. 
- He sits on his bum, twirls himself in a circle with his feet, while clapping his hands. That's talent my friends.
-can say mama and says it mostly when he wants food, or wants to get out of bed. He knows who to call for.
- weight: 18 lbs height: 27 inches

One of the games he plays with is. Just peeks his little eye thru the slot. We think its so funny.

He loves ice cream.

Best invention ever. I dreaded shopping at the mall with them but they were as happy as could be in there! David loved playing with the steering wheel.

He is almost always happy!

More often then not if I check on him, his arm is in that position. Don't know why and has to be so uncomfortable.

Snap chat gets me so good.

Case and point. Although this is a stick, which I feel a little better about. 

Another game. He first did this with sienna when she would go open his door after a nap. I would just hear them giggling in there and when I looked to see what was funny his face was pressed up like this and she was poking him. Now he always does it.

happy 9 months cutest boy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bertha falls.

I love living so close to a national park. We love spending time outdoors and Matt and I especially love hiking and wish we could do more of it. But we enjoy doing what we can with our kids and family members. We hiked Bertha Falls while Grandma Termeer and my nephew Clayton were here. It was a lot of fun! Definitely worth the struggle of getting kids of the mountain. Thank goodness for the many hands that were able to help them!