Monday, October 20, 2014

What the heck...!

Since when did half a year go by. 6 months=half a year= how old Sienna is. Wasn't I just holding her for the first time not very long ago? And she was so fragile and tiny and barely opened her eyes or made a peep. Now I feel like I don't have a baby anymore. She is getting too big and grown up. And she is. She is 6 months people!

Here are some general facts
Height=25.75 inches
Weight=12lbs 3 oz

Sienna has had a pretty good month. Some highlights have been experimenting with more solid foods. She still prefers her bottle but loves a good bowl of oatmeal and peaches. She is also pretty lucky because doctors orders are to but cream/butter in her cereal. What more could a baby want! Hopefully it adds some chub.

She loves to play in her jolly jumper. She doesn't really "jump" in it. Mostly she just likes to twirl around in a circle and kick her little feet. It can keep both of us entertained for a good 15-20 mins

She has become an escape artist and no matter how tight we swaddle her, she manages to sneak an arm out. Which really wouldn't  be so terrible if she didn't pull out her pacifier everytime and then get mad because she pulled it out. She has yet to figure out that if she wants to stay asleep and be happy, she must keep the pacifier in her mouth. We have now resorted to double wrapping, which has done the trick so far. 

She is getting more mobile in that I place her on her back facing one direction and before I know it she is on her tummy and has done a 180. She is also getting used to switching from front to back and is using that to move around the room. You can tell though she wants to be more mobile as she reaches out for things just out of reach and scrunches up her legs but just face plants into the ground. She hasn't quite figured out that her arms are part of the equation of crawling. 

She is starting to sit up on her own which I am really excited about. I can't wait till she can sit next to me or in my lap and I am hands free. 

And know for Sienna picture overload
My best friend Jennica and I had babies within 6 weeks of each other. I sure wish they didn't live in Utah so we could play with our babes everyday together. 
Sienna playing with Caleb. Babies can play together for quite awhile. It's so cute to see them being social and interacting with each other.
In these toys alone, they don't last long, but when they have each other to look at, it's much more enjoyable.
Already the drama queen. 
Playing out in the leaves. This fall was beautiful so we spent as much time as we could outside. Sienna is much better at sitting in the grass then in my living room I might add. 

This cutie pies first ponytail. Oh I love it so much on her. I think matt likes it too, but he also likes to pull it out 10 minutes after I put it in. He is worse then a child sometimes. 
Going on walks with Grampy can wear a baby out!