Monday, January 19, 2015


Her last month in single digits. (sigh) Everyday I am amazed at how much Sienna is learning and growing. I want her to slow down but at the same time I want her to do everything! As seen in previous posts Sienna had a busy month in California. And considering the picture overload in those posts, I don't have a lot to put up. I know, so disappointing.

* Still likes to army crawl. She will get up on all fours and launch herself. That's about as close to real crawling as she has gotten.
* Starting to climb up on things. Actually scratch things. It's only people.
* Eating more solid foods. Like chunks of Avocado, puffs, yogurt melts,panckaes and oranges.
* No teeth still! Viva La gums.
* Recognizes the theme song and credit song of Gilmore girls. Every time it plays she stops what she is doing and watches until it's over.
* Had her first "Mama is upset at what you did, but I can't really get mad at you because you have no idea what you are doing and I should have been more careful" moment. I was painting our living room, which I love the new color, and I had placed the lid to the paint back on, but not tightly. And Sienna was just doing her thing, crawling around the room playing with whatever caught her eye... When all the sudden I turn and look at her and there is a big puddle of paint. After I got over the shock of what just happened I counted my blessings. The can was only 1/3 full, Sienna didn't get it all over her face, and she never crawled through it and trailed it all over the floor. But it was still a pain to clean.
* Weight 13 lbs 14 oz. She stands a chance of tripling her birth weight by 1 year.
* Current favorite toys are the straw from my water bottle, my glasses, hairbrush, and anything electronic.

Sienna enjoying the best orange. Fresh picked off a California orange tree.

Begging for some cereal from daddy.

Aunt Brenda loves to spoil Sienna with clothes. She gave Sienna this cute Christmas dress. 

Traditional Sienna with her bunny pic. Sad I missed it for month 8. Although I don't think she changed much. 

 Crawling all over me. She will intentionally crawl over me to reach an object, when going around me would be much easier.

Sienna has some favorite books. She loves this touch and feel one and also one called Quiet, Loud. I love reading to her and watching her face light up and scanning the page like it's the most interesting thing.
Went through a tongue sticking out phase. Pretty sure she could've replaced Gene Simmons from the band Kiss

Going for a walk in her new snug and warm snowsuit.

Love this sweet girl. Everyday she makes me laugh and feel so happy to be here mom.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas in California part 2

Man, where to start? Christmas was great. I thought I would miss a white Christmas but really, I loved being warm for Christmas! Matts mom got us a beautiful real Christmas tree. I honestly had never seen one that looked so nice. Any real Christmas trees I saw were like giant versions of Charlie Browns Christmas trees, so I didn't know why any one would ever want a real one, but after seeing her's I can see why. Although I still love an artificial one. I never have to go looking for one or figure out how to get rid of it and it's just a one time payment!

So Matts sister, Sara, and her family came to Fresno this year. It was so fun to see them again and I just know Sienna loved seeing her newest cousin Emma. We went to another area of town where everyone has lights and blow up Christmas things set up. They call it candy cane lane, which I think is pretty adorable. And dare I say, candy cane lane was better then Christmas tree lane. I loved being able to walk down the streets, it seemed like more houses decorated, and the houses were closer to the street so you could see all the lights better.

 Candy Cane Lane

Next we went to Sara's husbands house in Bakersfield for Christmas Eve and morning

I LOVE that we are doing Christmas Jammies. I was always so jealous of friends who got to open up one gift Christmas Eve, it being christmas pajamas. So I was very on board with the idea of doing it for the grandkids.

Santa Baby

Something I love about California is fresh fruit grown in your backyards. I told Matt the only way I will move to California is if we have an orange, lemon, and grapefruit tree.

Matt took me for my first in & out burger. Well actually it was my first fast food burger ever! It lived up to it's hype. We went back for round two a few days later.

 Sienna slept in till 11:30 on New Years Eve so she was quite the party animal and stayed up till 11:00

Teaching family and friends how to Tim Tam Slam

Last but not least, we went to the zoo. I love the Fresno Zoo. I can't wait for Sienna to be a little older and actually enjoy seeing all the animals.

And if you made it this far, let me just tell you how maddening our trip home was. Sienna did great on the flight from Fresno, to Denver. I am talking she didn't make a peep! It was wonderful. Next flight, not the case. I think it was because it was so BLASTED hot in the plane and that we sat in the plane for 2 HOURS before we even took off. Here is how it went.
Tarmac>door ajar light on>back to gate>mechanical comes to fix it, 10mins> need to refuel, another 15 mins> tarmac> heavy snowfall warning> back to gate> Moderate snowfall warning>we can leave> need to be de-iced> last in line> wait 30-45 mins> back to tarmac> take off! 
We didn't leave the Denver airport, until AFTER we were suppose to have arrived in Great falls. It was the worst, but I am just grateful we made it home safely.