Monday, June 23, 2014

June happenings.

June has been a pretty good month for us. My dad's birthday was June 1 so I made Sienna a little onesie to wear and my sister in law Gina brought birthday hats and I couldn't help but put one on Sienna. I don't think she was very impressed with it. See for yourself.
Regardless, she is still stinkin cute. And she sure loves her Grampy. Ever since I found out I was pregnant I was so excited for my little babe to hang out with my dad. He just loves kids and is kind of a kid at heart still. I love that Sienna will get to spend a lot of time with him and my mom as we will be loving in cardston for the next few years. 

Next we did some crafts with Sienna. We made belated Mother's Day pots for our moms using Sienna's feet. (Her feet perfectly censored this picture) 
Sienna and I also made Matt a shirt for Father's Day. From the moment I got the idea for it, it was so hard to keep a secret. I just wanted him to know I had something planned! Sienna semi cooperated with the shirt. She has no problem with you painting her feet to use, but don't even think about touching her hands! If she is awake her hands are in a tight fist, if she is asleep, 98% of the time her hands are in a tight fist. So opportunities were rare, and as soon as you thought you had one, all you had to do was put a little ain't on and they were back in a fist. So I had to revise and just do two foot prints. (One footprint is the fishing pole and the other is a fish)

Next in June it was my birthday on the 20th. Matt always tries to surprise me, but he usually ruins the surprises by bringing up the present at random without saying he wants to give it to me, but just testing to see if it's something I would be interested in. But he actually surprised me this time. We went to my cousins wedding reception and during that time he had our friends come over to our house and hide. I was definitely surprised. He then brought out a dq cake with one single match on it, cause he forgot to get candles. I was pretty sure he had gotten me the cake though and hid it at rob and Cammi's house, which I was right about. The next morning he said he wanted to go to babb to get the shorts he ordered for our family pictures. I didn't really think anything of it, until he comes back and has me play hot and cold to find the game he wants to play with me. I get out to our backyard to find spike ball all set up. I was so excited. We loved playing spike ball with our friends at school and now we have our very own! We just need to get our friends as hooked on it as we are. 
These little cuties are all within one month of each other, Sienna being the youngest and the littlest! It's hard to imagine that if Sienna didn't have her esaphogus problem she would likely be as big as they are. While they are sitting at 12-14 pounds, she is sitting at a whopping 8 6. They are so cute together and were all quite happy laying down next to each other. Sienna especially loved Emmett's hand. We made jokes about how she shouldn't be sucking on a boys hand yet, she needs to be at least 16 months old. (Play on not kissing until she is 16 years old.) 

Well that about wraps it up!