Saturday, March 18, 2017

Over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house we go.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I loved Christmas growing up and I love it even more with kids. I love getting them presents and watching their faces when they open it, and are excited for about 2 seconds, before they want to open something else. This year we spent Christmas in Fresno California and we had such a great time. We got to see lots of cousins which was the best part of all. I was unsure what Sienna would be like with all of the cousins because on our last trip to North Carolina she was very clingy, whinny, and didn't really want anything to do with cousins. This year was much different to my relief! She loved playing with the oldest ones most. Namely Jacob, Joshie, and Jadyn.

This boy does not sleep well on planes. He had been up from 10:45 am till 9:45, without a nap. He wasn't too grumpy, but he sure wasn't pleasant to be with either.

Feeding the ducks was our favorite activity! We went about 5 times

Christmas morning! All the kids were looking over the banister to see all the presents and stockings full from Santa. What a magical time for kids! Sienna got her red puppy and red sucker. The funny girl, said she wanted a red puppy long after we had ordered this stuffed puppy. So she still refers to it as red puppy. If you ask her what color it is though she will tell you it's white and grey, with a little bit of black.

Parks are our happy place! We love them

Picnic with Emma on the kitchen floor cause there was no room at the table!

Seeing the lights at the zoo. It was such a rainy night. But I don't think it phased the kids one bit. They loved their umbrellas and had a great time.

This year Grandma Termeer did a manger instead of a tree. So when the kids did good things they got to put straw in it to make it cozy for Jesus. Christmas Eve we put Jesus in the manger and Sienna was so tender about it.

Looking at the lights on Candy Cane Lane

My sister and law came up with her kids. We got such a great fill of cousins. They were only here for a day so we tried to cram as much goodness into one day as we could. We went to the zoo, then to the park to feed ducks, and finished the day with Cafe Rio. It was such a great day. Sienna loved being with Jadyn and followed her around and wanted to be like her. Jadyn was wearing a dress so she needed to be wearing one. Jadyn had her hair down so she needed her hair down. And because I have been working on this post for 3 months now I am just going to end here other wise I might never publish it.