Wednesday, September 28, 2016

10 months

Oh this baby boy of mine is so wonderful. I love thinking about him. I think about 10 times a day Matt and I just talk about how sweet, funny, amazing our kids are. Sienna has been seriously neglected on this blog since David has come one the scene. I am working on a blog post about her though, there is just too much to say about that sweet girl.

-- David loves the outside. He has discovered the joys of a sandbox and how much fun it is to eat dirt. Why do kids like that? It's disgusting.
-- He can climb up stairs like a champ.
-- At Nana's house he loves to knock over all the family picture books she has on display and the Family tree with all the grandkids pictures hanging from it. I am surprised my mom even bothers putting them all back up after we leave.
-- David loves Sienna. He follows her around all the time and just wants to be doing what she is doing, she on the other hand doesn't want him within a foot of her when she is playing with something.
-- Walking with a baby toy walker by himself! I feel like he might be walking soon and it feels so exciting to me! I love watching babies learn and grow.
-- Loves to eat whatever we are eating.
-- He also loves stealing the utensil we are feeding him with, from us. He wants to feed himself, and gets really mad when we try to take the utensil back and boy is he STRONG. I usually give in and just let him do whatever he wants with his food.
-- Started waking up in the middle of the night. Progressively getting earlier and earlier. Felt like we had to sleep train him all over agin.
-- Pretty sure his messed up sleep schedule is because of new teeth coming, as his gums are very swollen, he is grumpy, and much more tired during the day. Like falling asleep in your arms tired which never happens.
-- Gives the CHEESIEST grins.
-- Starting to play peek-a-boo
-- Loves furry animals. He just giggles and screams when he touches them. Even in the touch and feel books he giggles as he touches them
-- Can say "up" and I am trying to get him to realize it means something.
-- Got his first little hair cut. Just a trim around the ears. Matt wants to buzz his head, I want to do something a little more stylish, but don't know how. I just really don't want it buzzed. I love his hair.

 Our attempts at getting a 10 month picture. He just could not sit still. He kept wanting to flip on to his belly.

Seriously guys, you are just going to cut my hair right here, like this?


Love when they play together

Love me some baby bed head. I think Sienna wins for best bed head.