Monday, July 27, 2015

We have a gender.

We are so excited to announce that we are having a baby BOY. I think finding out it was boy was the best thing that has happened to Matt since I said yes I would marry him. Matt wanted to surprise me with the gender so the ultrasound tech took him out of the room to tell him what it was. When he came back in there were little tears in his eyes. My thoughts were "those are tears because he is so happy we are having a boy or so happy because he gets another sweet girl." Matt would say that if it was a gir,l those tears were because he was so upset.
I kind of thought it was a boy from the beginning but I thought that with Sienna so I was prepared to hear it was a girl again. The only things that made me think it was a boy was that I literally craved salty foods. I never experienced cravings with Sienna, so I didn't think they were legit. Now I am a believer. And the Chinese calendar said I would be having a boy. Other then that I don't really experience any other wives tale gender predictions. My skin stays the same, my hair stays the same, I sleep on the same side I always do, etc.

Best part of having a boy: The Termeer name lives on. Matt is the only boy and his dad was the only boy so we are so happy to have at least one boy too!

Worst part of having a boy: starting over in the baby department. I tried to get some gender neutral things with Sienna but let's be real, you have to dress your girl in cute girl things. So I guess I get to go on a shopping spree!

We wanted to do something fun for my family to tell them the gender since they were all coming up to Canada about a week after I found out. One of my friends that is due a month before did a pinata and I thought that was such a fun idea and would be something my nieces and nephews would enjoy and could be a part of. We made ourselves a pinata and filled it with blue candies.
The kids had a great time hitting it and I think liked eating the candy even more! I kind of forgot to get a picture when it was first hit open, so the kids digging in was the best I got.

I hope this picture is an indicator of him being a baby that just likes to curl up in a ball and cuddle.