Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alright gentlemen take notes.

The other day I got asked on a date and he told me he'd let me know the details later.
I was leaving work and was checking my cellphone and found this message:
"To find out the details for tomorrow night you must go to the second floor of the library and look your name up in the dictionary that is right by the bathrooms. There you will find your first clue"
The biggest smile was slapped on my face.
I got over to the library and found these 3 lovely notes in the dictionary.

It's honestly one of the sweetest things a guy has done pre-date.
He definitely got some extra brownie points for this one.
Hopefully the date turns out just as sweet.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My first Haircut

What better way to begin the new year then with a haircut.
One brave man let me cut his hair yesterday.
It was quite the adventure and he was such a good sport.
Even though I completely shaved off his side burns.
New trend right?
BUt seriously no matter what I did wrong, he'd be like that's perfect just how I wanted it! You are doing a great job. I know he was lying but it helped me keep going.
Everyone told me I did a surprisingly good job for my first time and for the fact I used everyday huge scissors to trim.
In the end though my room mates friend came over who is going to school at paul mitchell and she helped blend in my trimming job.
So I'm in business. Anyone want a haircut. It's free. I just can't guarantee you won't walk away with bald spots.

His hair before.
Make shift cape. A cut open garbage bag.

This was before I cut off his sideburns but I had finished trimming his hair. I wish we had a close up of his before and after so you could really see how great of a job I did :)
Notice he no longer has sideburns. New trend I'm telling ya!