Thursday, April 16, 2015

We have ourselves a birthday girl.

AHHHHH is this real life? Where did my little baby go? Sometimes I want to go back 11 months and just have my cuddly sleepy baby for a day.

Sienna had a great birthday. She loved all the extra attention. For breakfast she had pancakes with cake frosting, which she loved. Then we went and picked up Grandma Termeer. Hello, what greater gift then a grandma, who then bought her some cute new clothes for her birthday. After we got home from a long day of travelling we had my parents over for ice cream cake. Such a lucky birthday girl. 

Stats: last appt. told us she was 15 lbs 4 oz and 27 inchs, which finally put this girl on the charts (3rd and 10th percentiles). Happy birthday to her! 
Favorite foods: tomatoes, lasagna, spaghetti, life cereal, oatmeal, peaches, cinnamon toast bread, cheesy toast, grapes, strawberries, French fries, and dog food...we babysat a dog for a weekend and Sienna could not stop getting into his food. Why would she want to eat that over some of the other stuff I try to get her to eat?  
Also addicted to ketchup. If it's on the table she is pretty sure she needs some on her plate. She will just dip her fingers in and lick away. 
New things: she has a new way to play peek a boo. I say "where is Sienna?" And she will place her head down wherever she is for a few seconds and then pop it back up. It's about the only way I get cuddles in when she places her head on my chest for a bit. 
Personality: she is really the sweetest thing but this girl has got a high temper and low patience. If I don't get her what she wants in time she screams at me. 
Loves: puppies! If they are around she follows them all over wanting to pull on their hair and touch their faces. We even put on a YouTube video that was just of dogs doing funny things and she was locked in on the screen. It was so funny. 
She is also really fascinating by skin. She loves to pinch and pull on mine. 
Loves her bag of crayons and hair elastics. She is always bringing them to me and isn't happy till the bag is opened.
Loves her soft minky blankets. Doesn't like to leave her crib without it and gets mad when matt steals it from her.
Loves going to the park and playing in the gravel. Mostly because she likes to suck on it.
Sleep: starting to go from 2 naps to 1! I am not quite ready for it but I am not ready to let her hang out with us till 9 either.

Can't get enough of her softy.

 Diva by day
Thug by night
This is her playing "where's sienna" See what I meant about some cuddle time?

 She was so unsure about that tunnel but ended up liking it.
Just playing and eating rocks.

The dog we babysat. You can tell how much he liked Sienna too.


How cute is that hat? AND THAT BABY

Just a little sienna sunday selfie. She loves to look at herself on the camera.