Friday, December 25, 2015


How is my baby already a month old! I can't believe we have had him for that long already. I imagine that the more kids you have the faster the months go by. Before I know it he will be 16, dating, and driving. CRAZY. Really, time needs to slow down sometimes. We are so grateful David is in our family. We feel a little more complete, a bit more crazy, and a lot more love.
The first month of a babies life doesn't have a lot of milestones but here are some things we have noticed about David.
- STRONG. That boy has an amazing ability to keep his legs and hands scrunched up. It makes it really hard to change a diaper, his clothes or to swaddle him. He likes to have his hands up by his face most of the time so trying to get them down by his waist is hard. I honestly think he is stronger then me :) He is also really good at holding his head up. From the very beginning I was impressed with his ability to hold his head up for a few seconds. Now he can go for quite awhile before needing a break, but after a few seconds his head is right back up.
- ALERT. To put it bluntly, he came out with his eyes wide open and they stayed wide open for the next 30 minutes while we bonded. People always comment on how alert he is because he is so wide eyed! This is quite the change for us since with sienna, she has slightly droppy eyelids so everyone always makes comments like "oh, someone is sleepy, she must have just gotten up from a nap, she must need a nap, is she sick?...etc" Not all the time, but quite often David is pretty content to just sit and stare at whatever for long periods of time, Like an hour. He likes it when someone comes and talks to him or hold his hand, but he is also pretty good at just hanging out by himself. Also, Sienna would fall asleep with one pat on her back. David takes a little bit more coaxing and is definitly awake much more then Sienna ever was.
- He is a pretty good sleeper. He goes to bed around 10-10:30 and will sleep for at least 3 hours and sometimes blesses us by sleeping for 4.5 hours. Eat, sleep for 3 hours, eat and then may or may not go back to sleep. But he doesn't nap well durig the day unless he is being held
- He has got the cutest lip quiver. He does it mostly when he is on the verge of crying but sometimes it happens randomly.

He got to play baby Jesus in the p;ay"Savior of the World" He was absolutly perfect.

Meeting Santa for the first time.

Christmas Jammies from Grandma Termeer. (WIDE EYES)

On the day of his baby blessing

I mustache you a question... Did you have a good christmas?

Photos taken by Kelsey Pankhurst.

Gosh, you melt my heart.