Sunday, December 25, 2011

This christmas..

Okay I know christmas has long since passed and I should be writing about the new year and all my goals and aspirations but I just needed to post this last one about christmas at school.

This was probably the best Christmas I've ever had at school.
Our apartment was just beautiful.
I loved being inside of it.
Jessica and I slept underneath the tree about 14 times. It wasn't always the best sleep but it wa
s just magical. We even pulled a mattress out and slept in the Hallway twice.
Such great times.
Taking down christmas was the saddest thing ever. It took a lot of will power to start taking down all the snowflakes and lights.
Once it was all down but the tree we had some fun with our snowflakes.
And took some room mates pictures in front of the tree and opened up our stockings.
I'm going to miss these girls so much.

I don't know why we look happy. We had just taken down christmas!
Having a snowstorm in our apartment
Our awesome homemade sweaters
We made home made ice cream. It was comparable to G's dairy.
Last trip to g's dairy.
Sleeping underneath the christmas tree
Sleeping in the hallway. Surprisingly comfy. I wasn't squished or anything. I did bang my head once though.

Bahama Mama

This christmas I went on a cruise to the Bahama's
It was fabulous.
I'd always heard about the food on cruises but I didn't believe it could be all that.
But it was all that. It felt like there was an endless supply of food and it was always something new. And so much fruit.
And lest we forget the frozen yogurt machine. I think I had 4 bowls for lunch one time.
Only down side was the motion of the ocean was not good for me.
After being home for a few days I still felt like I was on a boat.
We knew we were going to be real party animals when the first night on the boat we went to bed at 8:30... and got up 12 hours later.
If you look at my camera you would hardly know that we were even in the bahamas...
I think I have one picture of the ocean/beach.
We rented some scooters in Freeport which was the best thing we ever did. It was so fun just bombing around going where ever we wanted to.
In Nasa we just took buses where ever we wanted to go. It was kind of a chilly day so we laid on the beach for about an hour then we went to some caves, that we never ended up going inside cause some local guy tried to convince us he was hired by the government and we had to pay to go inside. So we just walked around looking at houses. who knew that the bahamas would have such big beautiful homes. We were really tempted to buzz the intercom and ask if we could come look around their house, but we were afraid they might be drug lord's. It wasn't a risk we were willing to take.
We also went over to atlantis. And mitch jumped off this bridge. The security at the bottom told him he could get a $100 fine. Then a bahamian girl was like that was the coolest thing ever do it again! do it again! And the security guy just looked at him and was like, Yah you should probably do that again. So he did.
The last day on the boat we spent traveling back home and it was such a beautiful day!
We just laid on the deck for a couple of hours, watched some movies, and went out to dinner.
And that was the cruise. Most people probably spend all day seeing all the tourist attractions, playing on the water slide on the boat, hitting up the casinos or dance parties, and all the other activities they have on. But nope not us, we did pretty much everything you could do in America.
You have to make do with the sleeping arrangements the airport gives you
Captain's dinner
Scooter ride. Eric tried to kill me multiple times.
About to embark on our cruise adventure. Sorry eric. My hair took over your face.
Only picture of the ocean and it doesn't even look that pretty.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm going to whine.
Why does it always seem like the one(s) you like doesn't like you and the one(s) you don't like like you. The one(s) you don't like always do nice things for you, like send you texts that tell you your beautiful or leave notes on your laptop telling you to have a great day. When they see you they light up and give you a hug and just want to sit around and talk to you despite how busy they are. They say all the right things and do all the right things that should make you fall in love with them, but yet, you just don't find yourself attracted to them.
Is it because they like you so much and do everything right?
Then you have the one(s) that you like but for some reason just don't like you. You find yourself looking at your phone every 10 mins hoping they've texted you, telling you how great you look or that they want to see you. You light up every time you see them and your day is suddenly better because you got to talk to them for a brief moment.
I can't help but feel that because they don't like me, it makes me like them more, cause I feel like I want to prove to them they should like me.
Why does this always seem to happen?
Why can't you both just like each other and it be easy, instead of playing all these dumb mind games so that they don't lose interest?
Love shouldn't be this hard.
At least I have these words to give me hope.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

4 Wheeling

This happened quite awhile ago but I just got the pictures for it.
For a big group date we went 4 wheeling.
I was a little apprehensive about it because I'm never gone before and it was a cold day.
But it was so much fun!
Karston is pretty wild on the 4 wheel, but I felt relatively safe and it made it a little more fun.
But it was so beautiful cause we went through this canyon and the sun was setting.
It was the most amazing view ever. I wish we had a picture that did it justice.
Then we played in some old mining caves.
It was a little scary cause the boys were like "oh don't worry if this hole collapses it's our only way out, no big deal right?"
Then after we made a fire and cooked tinfoil dinners.
Then headed back to Karstons for hot chocolate and a scary movie. This just tells you how long ago this was, it was halloween weekend.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Just some random things.
For America thanksgiving I went home to Canada.
My friend Ross was dying to see the great land of Canada. (I don't blame him)
So he came up with me and spent it with my family. There were many nights of card games, as in every night, great food, and a chance to catch up with some old friends.
Ross wanted to see what Cardston had to offer.
We took a tour of the card home and the courthouse museum. (jennica I wish you could've been the tour guide, I know you would've done a great job and made it exciting)
We also went to waterton and I was reminded of how much I love that place, even when it's covered and snow and the wind is blowing at 70 miles per hour.
Moving on, THe last 2 FHE's have been christmas oriented. Last week we put up a christmas tree. It truly complete our apartment. This last week we made caramel apples and watched Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer in our winter wonderland. It was perfect.
My nails and wardrobe has been christmasified. Everyday I try to wear something green, red, or goldy yellow. Just to show my christmas spirit.
Also campus has been getting more into the christmas spirit. All the buildings have GINORMOUS wreaths hanging from them and almost every building has at least one christmas tree if not more. And main street has the most beautiful lights on the tree's and street lights. It's amazing. I really think this is the happiest time of the year, despite the cold.
Random side note, have you ever seen smaller hand writing?
This is my cheat sheet that I can take into the testing center for my psychology class. I know it looks like it's not readable but when you hold it about an inch from your face it's very legible.
People that see it ask if I've got the whole book written on it.
ANNNNDD. It's almost the end of the semester. I can't believe it. One more week of full classes. Then guess where I'll be? On a boat sailing the seas on my way to the bahamas.
Yup best Christmas ever.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oreo Party

There is an APT of boys that have an oreo party every once in awhile on Thursday's.
This last Thursday was their last one for the semester and it was ugly christmas sweater themed.
As some of you may know I'm the queen of ugly christmas sweaters.
Jk not really. Madison is pretty high up there.
Anyway my friend Jason needed a sweater so we went to DI and found a nice but ugly blue one and then hit up the dollar tree and got some Christmas trinkets to put on it.
I had to hand stitch the stocking the back. It made me wish I had taken more Home Ec classes.
But it turned out pretty good.
My friend Merideth borrowed Madison's home made sweater and I used mine.
They were hits!
Also a hit at this party was the mistletoe. Well maybe just for some people.
There was a guy going around and no one was safe. It didn't matter who you were talking to, if you were a boy and a girl he threw the mistletoe above your head. Then everyone started chanting "do it do it! Come it's christmas time, just kiss each other"
I was stunned at how many people actually kissed and they didn't even like each other. This just shows my naivety to the outside world. I got caught underneath the mistletoe with some guy but there was no way I was going to kiss him, even if it was christmas.