Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Remember that one time?

The other day I was on my old computer and was scanning through the pictures on there. I cam across many from the good Ole high school days, some from 2 years ago before friends went on missions and it got me thinking about how much I fun I had growing up. Oh how I miss those care free days.
Here are some favorite memories
- Playing darts in Mr. Dittmann's room.
- Making movies
- Going off the Jr. High jump in rod wynders truck.
- "Borrowing" a golf cart and driving around the golf course in the pouring rain, skiing behind it and doing 360's in it.
- making sugar cookies
- Trying to sneak into the swimming pool at night
-Macaroni picnics.
- Now Introducing " Claudia Buckethead"
- Look, it's like the want us to make a U- turn. ohhhh jennica.
- Bathroom photo shoots.
-Cheese fries and ranch
- Red Light discos
-Spooning and padding peoples vechiles and windows.
- Trips to whitefish
- The rocket summer concert in calgary
- The club house
- SEXXXXY kitties.
-high school musical.
-Volleyball Bus Beatings. Doesn't sound to fun, but it was
-Hiking in waterton
- cereal in ice cream. Sugar Crisp, honey bunches of oats, captain crunch. YUM
-side walk chalking
- The train bridges
I know there is a lot of memories written down but there is so much more that I could add. highschool was amazing and I miss the care free life, but the life I'm living now is pretty grand and I have a feeling things can only go up.

Friday, April 16, 2010


When I was in Utah I spent some time with my cousins and their little kids. They are adorable and never have I felt so loved. I was getting cuddled all the time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unusual Yoga Partner

This morning Eric and I were doing P90X yoga and Lola wanted to help me out a little, be my yoga block or something. So she made herself comfortable at the top of my mat. We made a great team.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

photo booth fun.

This week I've been staying at my wonderful cousins Debbie's house. She was babysitting her niece and nephew one day, and I knew how much my niece and nephew loved photo booth so I thought they might as well. And it was a hit, we played on it for a good hour.

Crue here wasn't as big of fan. After taking this picture he started saying scary, scary everytime we took one. I don't blame him though I'd be afraid of my face too

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

packing pits.

I truly hate packing sometimes. When I'm going some place far away or exciting it's okay, because it's usually just a suitcase. But when packing to go home when you've been gone 3 months is a different story. At this point I realize how much useless crap I have, and after I've got all that crap packed up I have the joy of unpacking it all to look forward to.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gifts of love.

I've been so blessed in the last 3 months in Utah. I've made some amazing friendships. I'm going to miss the girls here so bad. My room mates have been so awesome, They are the sweetest, most caring girls ever and I'm so fortunate to have them. On my last night they gave me flowers and we went and got frozen yogurt and took a bunch of pictures. Here are a few of my favorites.
Flowers from the girls. > So Beautiful
Tiff took this picture with her feet. hence the wide mouths and squinty eyes.

Next I don't have pictures of the girls that gave me these gifts but they are the sweetest girls ever. They are girls i've been working with for the last few months and never have i laughed so hard and so often as I have with them. I will truly miss them as I've spent endless hours with them and gotten to know them so well.
This is a glass flower they made me. I'm not sure exactly how it works but you pick the color and the put it in an oven that's 2100 degrees. i'm told it looked like you were looking at the sun when they opened the door. Anyway I love it and think it's so beautiful
This little treasure is my goodbye book. One of the girls made it and her along with the other girls wrote little messages in it for me. It was so sweet. I just love them.