Saturday, December 17, 2016

For he's a jolly good fellow.

And he's one. You blink and it happens.
I love this squishy baby.
At 1 year you....
- started walking. You can take 15-20 steps, but can't stand yourself up yet. So you only walk about 25% of the time. But you love it and think you are pretty awesome, cause you are!
- You are so talkative with baby babble and some of it seems to actually make sense to me. Like you always point to things and babble something and I honestly think I hear you asking me "whats that?" 
- You have said a handful of words but the only thing you really say consistently is mama, dada, uh oh and whoa
- Other words you have said a few times are: apple, bubbles, puppy, 
- You have started to love books. You throw them at me all day long but your attention span only lasts the first page. 
- Started playing strange. You don't like it when I leave you with people, even if you are pretty familiar with them like Nana. Silly boy.
- loves to watch music videos for "I am a child of God" and "Have I done any good in the world today"
- Can't brush my teeth when you are around cause you just scream for my toothbrush and love to eat toothpaste
- You like baby dolls
- Still get up during the night
-You take 2 naps sometimes and 1 nap sometimes, just depends on what time in the morning you want to grace us with your presence.

He loves that tooth brush

He was so close to tears. He just wanted to touch the candle and we held his hands back from touching it, hence the sad looking face.

Took him a while to get into it the cake but once he did he loved it!

We got to go on a sleigh ride on Davids birthday. He loved seeing the horses.

Deer in the headlights

This was in November. The kids had a blast playing outside in the water and dirt.

I love baby bed head.

First halloween. He was such a cute little lion.

That is a classic David face when he is drinking something. Smoothies on a warm November day!
Loves books. Quiet loud is a favorite.

Playing in boxes with Bria

Drinking smoothies

He will play with the freezing cold water on a semi nice day just fine, but take him to a pool and he is not okay!

He loves all of Sienna's stuffed animals. He will be getting some of his own for Christmas

Video of him walking and talking.

Climbing on the cupboards trying to reach the toothpaste.

He loves baby dolls. He is always playing with them at stay and play. He is so cute with them!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

11 months

I never know how to start these things. But I do know that I love David so much. He is so much fun. This boy loves to play outside. It's his favorite place. He hates it when I open the door but don't let him go outside. He screams. He liked playing in the snow, but his little hands got too cold too fast from eating snow and not wanting to keep his gloves on. Still loves playing in the sandbox at nana's house and going in the swing. He liked playing in the leaves too. Not as much as snow though. I am not excited for real winter because it will be way to cold for us to go outside and play in the snow. I don't know what this boy is going to do! Okay, here are some fun facts about David.

≈ Standing for longer periods of time without help
≈ Will take a "falling" step or two towards you
≈ Loves to pull Sienna's hair
≈ So easy to make smile
≈ Likes woman more then men. He will play shy with the biggest grin on his face to any woman, but a man looks at him and tries talking to him and he just stares.
≈ Slept thru the night again! 7-7. It was so wonderful.
≈ Loves taking baths
≈ He loves to follow Sienna and her friends around.
≈ Can't stay out of my cupboards and loves to play with my rice maker and salad spinner
≈ Can sort of say all done and apple. He will repeat the sounds after I say them, but doesn't really do it on his own, or to tell me that he is all done or wants an apple.
≈ Getting more cuddly. Which I love love love.
≈ Has three top teeth with the other side one coming in shortly.
≈ Has become quite the screamer.
≈ Practically refuses to let us feed him. Unless he isn't in the highchair then he is a little better
≈ Still takes 2 naps. 1 hour or so and getting further apart... Almost time to transition to 1 nap...
≈ Shakes his head back and forth
≈ Gives the best open mouth kisses ever.
≈ Loves all food, especially yours.
≈ Got his first shiner thanks to me. He fell off my parents little playground. I put too much trust in my lightening fast reflexes (which I don't have) and David's ability to stop before the ladder, which he did, but then he decided to lunge this time, instead of every other time I followed him from side to side. It may be his first, but I trust it won't be his last.
11 months

 Impromptu photoshoot after taking his 11 month pictures.

This boy loves his ice cream!

 Giants fan for life
Likes eating the snow

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

10 months

Oh this baby boy of mine is so wonderful. I love thinking about him. I think about 10 times a day Matt and I just talk about how sweet, funny, amazing our kids are. Sienna has been seriously neglected on this blog since David has come one the scene. I am working on a blog post about her though, there is just too much to say about that sweet girl.

-- David loves the outside. He has discovered the joys of a sandbox and how much fun it is to eat dirt. Why do kids like that? It's disgusting.
-- He can climb up stairs like a champ.
-- At Nana's house he loves to knock over all the family picture books she has on display and the Family tree with all the grandkids pictures hanging from it. I am surprised my mom even bothers putting them all back up after we leave.
-- David loves Sienna. He follows her around all the time and just wants to be doing what she is doing, she on the other hand doesn't want him within a foot of her when she is playing with something.
-- Walking with a baby toy walker by himself! I feel like he might be walking soon and it feels so exciting to me! I love watching babies learn and grow.
-- Loves to eat whatever we are eating.
-- He also loves stealing the utensil we are feeding him with, from us. He wants to feed himself, and gets really mad when we try to take the utensil back and boy is he STRONG. I usually give in and just let him do whatever he wants with his food.
-- Started waking up in the middle of the night. Progressively getting earlier and earlier. Felt like we had to sleep train him all over agin.
-- Pretty sure his messed up sleep schedule is because of new teeth coming, as his gums are very swollen, he is grumpy, and much more tired during the day. Like falling asleep in your arms tired which never happens.
-- Gives the CHEESIEST grins.
-- Starting to play peek-a-boo
-- Loves furry animals. He just giggles and screams when he touches them. Even in the touch and feel books he giggles as he touches them
-- Can say "up" and I am trying to get him to realize it means something.
-- Got his first little hair cut. Just a trim around the ears. Matt wants to buzz his head, I want to do something a little more stylish, but don't know how. I just really don't want it buzzed. I love his hair.

 Our attempts at getting a 10 month picture. He just could not sit still. He kept wanting to flip on to his belly.

Seriously guys, you are just going to cut my hair right here, like this?


Love when they play together

Love me some baby bed head. I think Sienna wins for best bed head.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Better out than in.

9 months. That's how long I carried David in my tummy and now that is how long I have carried him in my arms. While I totally miss my little cuddly sleepy newborn I am LOVING how interactive he is getting with all of us, especially Sienna. I love it because Sienna doesn't want my attention all the time. She is actually pretty satisfied with Davids and he loves it too. My favorite is being in a different room then them and just hearing the giggles and sneaking a peak to see what they are up too.

At 9 months David is:
- Pulling himself up on everything and figuring out how to walk along it
- Has climbed up 2 stairs. Maybe could've done more, but this mama was a little worried as he kept stopping to sit on each step almost causing him to topple backwards.
- Loves stuffed animals as much as his big sister. He just flops into them and rubs his face all over them
- Eating really well. We have branched into some "harder" foods to eat. Toast, pancakes, oatmeal. He eats pretty much all of them with bananas, raspberries and PB.
- Pretty sure he is allergic to eggs. I tried making home made yogurt bites and they called for egg whites. He ate some of them and then projectile vomited twice. So we won't be trying eggs with him for a long while.
- speaking of food. He is a obsessed with the fridge
- Loves to play shy. I love it too cause he just nestles into my shoulder.
- Big fan of the swings
- love putting rocks and grass in your mouth. Which makes it a little difficult to go outside or enjoy the park.
- if you open a door leading outside that boy cruises to get there before you close it. 
- He sits on his bum, twirls himself in a circle with his feet, while clapping his hands. That's talent my friends.
-can say mama and says it mostly when he wants food, or wants to get out of bed. He knows who to call for.
- weight: 18 lbs height: 27 inches

One of the games he plays with is. Just peeks his little eye thru the slot. We think its so funny.

He loves ice cream.

Best invention ever. I dreaded shopping at the mall with them but they were as happy as could be in there! David loved playing with the steering wheel.

He is almost always happy!

More often then not if I check on him, his arm is in that position. Don't know why and has to be so uncomfortable.

Snap chat gets me so good.

Case and point. Although this is a stick, which I feel a little better about. 

Another game. He first did this with sienna when she would go open his door after a nap. I would just hear them giggling in there and when I looked to see what was funny his face was pressed up like this and she was poking him. Now he always does it.

happy 9 months cutest boy.