Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas In Canada. Part one.

Matt came to Canada to meet my family.
They loved him. He loved them.
He loves me. I love him.
Mushy gushy.
Here are photos of our time in canada.
 We went to Waterton. But we didn't get to see much of it's beauty cause there was a freak mini blizzard inside the park. And now one was around to help us get a picture of us in front of Cameron Falls.

 We went "pinning" We bought clothes pins and wrote merry christmas on them and went around Wal-mart sticking them on people. It was so much fun. Cheap and fun date.
We built our first house. It was delicious.
And this was Matt's idea. I love that I'll have a man that will do girly things like this with me for the rest of my life. Every once in awhile he'll paint my nails. Okay he'll paint one and then get tired of it.
 Here are my Christmas Nails. I'm sad for this season to be over. I've enjoyed painting my nails christmas colors and wearing my christmas earrings. You can bet I will be on of those old ladies that wear oversized ugly christmas sweaters, with matching socks, scarves, and earrings. It's totally happening. I can't wait.
And I got this sweater In honor of Matt. It says California love and has their state animal on it. I actually love it. And wear it almost everyday.

On the topic of Matt. My family loves loves loves him. They think he is some sort of saint and question if he is human. I love it. He is seriously so good to me. I often wonder the same thing as my family. He just seems a little too good too be true and I don't know how I got so lucky. He's certainly getting the short end of the stick, but hey I'll take it.
Well Ladies and Gentlemen that is it for my update.
Have yourself a Merry Christmas Eve.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Love.

Christmas at school has been so good to me.
Look at all these goodies I've gotten!
Given to me by, Boyfriend, visiting teacher, girl I visit teach, room mate, and secretary at work.
Feeling so loved.
I love Christmas.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Picture Post

A post dedicated to pictures. Mostly for you Adria, since you are the only family member without facebook who might not ever see my pictures.
 Matt and I at the Boise temple dedication
 Black friday shopping. Nothing worth staying up till midnight for. But I needed to experience it at least once.
 I don't know how he fell asleep like that...
 Jazz Game
 Salt Lake Temple Lights. BEAUTIFUL.
 On this morning I wasn't particularly nice to Matt because I was really stressed and did some things to hurt his feelings. But he's such a great forgiving boyfriend that when I left my house later this was written on my car. Then later that day after classes I found my favorite chocolates in my car. He's too good to me.

We really are the most attractive couple on Campus.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pumpkin and sick days.

October and November are notorious for all things pumpkin.
I have about a million pumpkin recipes on pintrest and I had a big pumpkin puree can in my pantry so I thought I would attempt some of them.
I haven't liked either one of them and I'm so disappointed. Maybe it's because I don't have pumpkin pie spice but I am adding cinnamon. Like it's that different!
Anyway, don't try pumpkin smoothies or pumpkin french toast. Not worth your time. And I still have 3/4 of a can of pumpkin puree left, so I'm going to have to give something else a shot in the next few days.
Next, I've been sick for the last week. Never have I sneezed so many times in my life! I always thought sneezing while you were sick was a myth because that never happened to me. Now I know it's true and it's not pleasant. I've just got your common cold but it's been such a tease. I'll wake up in the morning feeling bad, then feel great in the middle of the day, but by night time I feel bad again. Or yesterday I woke up feeling much better and was excited that my cold was starting to leave. But then this morning I woke up with a sore throat again, achy body and chills. No fear though, I've got an amazing boyfriend that takes care of me. On saturday he made me home made chicken soup with rice. It was delicious and just what I needed. Then today I was complaining about being more sick and he said he'd make me dinner tonight and we decided on soup again, just not home made. My room mate was talking to a friend at the door and when she opened the door to let her friend out she was like "Chanel, you have the cutest boyfriend in the whole world. Did he just watch the vow or something?" So I walk to the door and this is what I find! (The picture was an after thought that's why it's on my kitchen table)
Yup, what a little sweetheart. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

HELP! I've fallen off the blogosphere and I can't get back up!

My desire to blog has been zilch.
I'm surprised I'm even taking the time to write a post right now.
I don't even really have anything to write about worth reading. 

Except for that it's almost Christmas and in my opinion it's never to early to start celebrating. And BYUI campus agrees with me! They've got giant wreaths up on buildings and christmas trees inside many of them. I want to decorate my apartment again SO SO bad. I miss last years winter wonderland.
Today I painted snowflakes on my nails and yesterday I wore my snowflake earings.
I can't wait to wear my Santa Clause, Presents, or Bell ones as the season continues.

So I've been working in this after school program. And the kids are HILARIOUS.
I forget how funny they can be.
I'm also taken back to my childhood when I am with them because a lot of them call me miss "Channel" which is one some kids would call me in elementary school. (Bothered me so bad back then, now I think it's adorable)
The other day I was giving a lesson and this little boy stops me and says
"Miss Channel, I thought this was planes trains and automobiles"
I said "Its a class about different kinds of transportation and a hot air balloon is a kind of transportation"
"But I don't like hot air balloons. I just like to play with toys and play video games"
I didn't even know this boy had a remote idea what my name was and was more shocked when he called me miss channel.

One time Kambri (my roommate) and I were getting dressed inside our closet doors. (Like with the doors open so we can't see eachother) any way we both walk out and Kambri looks at me then back at herself and is like "Seriously, we are wearing the exact same thing just in an opposite pattern."
Just another example of how me and Kambri are so much alike.

Last but not least I'm dating a wonderful boy named Matthew Termeer.
Here we are together at the haunted straw maze.
This boy was terrified in there. I got body slammed into hay bales as he'd try to run away from the creatures inside. One time a clown on stilts popped out and Matt jumped like 5 feet away from it and cowered in the corner. Both me and the clown pointed and laughed at him. I guess I know that I'll be the protector in this relationship. At least from the monsters in the closet.
More on this later. I'm about to go to his house for dinner.
Yes he cooks for me! Like I said he is wonderful.

Yes this is a camel in Rexburg and at a haunted straw maze..
 I fulfilled my life long dream of touching a kangaroo. I think I started playing with him a little to rough though.  He started biting me, clawing at my hands, and jumping at my face. I'm taking it as a sign of friendship though.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

It's been awhile

My sister brought to my attention that I haven't blogged in awhile.
Actually I knew that.
Then I remembered pictures I took at Thor's ice cream and at the Haunted Mill.
I thought about it pretty much everyday, just thought I didn't have anything I wanted to blog about.
 I love the Haunted Mill. It's definitely the best haunted attraction I've ever been to. It's 20 minutes of getting scared and laughing at others getting scared. Like Madison. There were a few times we got bulldozed by her as she tried to run ahead of us to escape a monster only to be pushing back the other way when some other creature jumped out at her. It was a riot. If you want a good laugh take madison with you.

Then we went and got ice cream. I still love G's dairy, but here is the perks about Thor's.
1. It's the same ice cream the sell at G's dairy
2. They have 36 flavors
3. They have $1 scoops. So it satisfies your ice cream craving without making you feel sick after words.
Madison enjoyed it a little too much. She just couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough.

 Okay I had problems myself.
But not near as bad as Carson.

 Chocolate sucking Vampire
And I mostly threw this one in of my dad for Adria, since she doens't have facebook.
In case you can't tell. That's a piled high maverick frozen yogurt. YUM

Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Getaway

This weekend I went to Bozeman Montana.
It was such a great getaway to a beautiful place.
I kind of feel in love with Bozeman and could see myself living there at some place.
It has mountains all around it and everyone that lives there loves doing outdoor things.
Sounds like my kind of party.
We ate a lot of really scrumptious food. Home made breads and jellies, home made pizza, hummus sandwich's, steak dinner, and a chocolate moose sundae. 
Let me describe this sundae for you.
On the bottom you have huckleberry's, then 3 scoops of moose track ice cream (think vanilla ice cream with fudge, and peanut butter cups) topped with whipped cream and a little chocolate moose.
It was so delicious.
We went on a nice little hike. It was just a 6 mile walk to various different waterfalls and all a long a creek bed. It was so beautiful. Fall is such a great time do be in the mountains because all the trees are changing colors and are amazing. As one girl said it looks like they are fire because of all the varying shades of red, orange, and yellow.
We toured around downtown Bozeman and played some games at home. 
It was such a great trip and I wish we could've been there longer to really experience all Bozeman has to offer, as well as have more delicious food. Apparently Kyle's mom makes AMAZING peach cobbler and cinnamon rolls, so I feel like I got jibbed in a way.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sunrise, sunset

Today I went to the mormon tabernacle choir concert at school.
They are quite amazing in real life and they can sing more then church hymns. Who knew right?
They sand the sun Sunrise, Sunset. from Fiddler on the roof.
Took me back to my childhood where on sunday nights my dad and I would sing this song around the piano and many others for hours. I miss those days.

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you about my most recent hikes. I hiked table rock mountain here in Idaho and it's been one I've been wanting to do for awhile.
But not really one I was wanting to get up at 3:30 in the morning to do.
That's right 3:30 in the morning. They wanted to leave rexburg at 4 cause it's an hour away and then get to the top before sunrise. 
All I knew was this had better be one fantastic sunrise.
Well I hate to report that we missed it.
Bless our souls we tried.
It was still beautiful to watch the sun rise over the mountain we were climbing to see the sun hitting the mountains and hillsides. It was really quite beautiful. So I wasn't as mad that we didn't catch the sunrise at all.

But tragedy struck at the top of the mountain. My back back tipped over sending my favorite water bottle over the edge. It was only about a 15 feet drop but it didn't stop there because there was a giant glacier below which it continued to fly down and shoot off into a rocky grass field. I was devastated. 
Lucky for me a guy really wanted to go down that glacier so I gave him a great excuse to do so!

 Juan saving my water bottle
And despite a few scraps my water bottle survived! I thought for sure it would be cracked after it's long journey but it still works. I wrote contigo telling them how much I loved their water bottle and was impressed with their durability in hope of them sending me more water bottles. So far nothing though.

Next hike was Mt. Timpanogos. 
Another hike I've been dying to do.
We talked about starting it at midnight so that we would get to the top in time to watch the sunrise. 
But then I decided that would not be as much fun and would kill me for the next few days.
So we left at noon and it was really a great hike. Hard, but worth it. Reminded me of a longer version of chief mountain.