Saturday, March 28, 2009

Date Night.

Last weekend I went on a date with Ben Beck, but a lot of other people came with us that weren't going on a date so it was really a big hang out, but it was fun. We went to guitars unplugged. Which is were people either write songs and perform them on instruments or do classic songs. Some are really hilarious so watch. Before the show we played pirate dice (kind of interesting) and cards. During one of the songs we played the awkward game (refer to picture and previous post) After the show we went to backyard and got a "backyard frisbee" Bascially you pick 4 flavors of ice cream and 5 topings and they serve it to you on a frisbee. As soon as they set the frisbee in front of us all heck broke lose and it was gone in about 20 seconds. It was kind of a mess but oh so good. Next we went to the park and played on the playground. Then we played clue charades. Which is where you pick a murderer (from the movie clip in case you couldn't tell the murderer was Michael Jackson) a weapon-it could be ANYTHING, like a wire hanger, and then a place, ex. men's bathroom. You have 3 people go out of the room and one by one they come in and ask people to show them the clues. It was soooo funny. I LOVE MY WARD.


So the winter semester in apartment 213 has been filled with broken things. First our DVD/VCR player stopped working, then the bathroom toilet broke, as in it over flowed when we flushed it (which was kind of hilarious since it was usually followed by girls screaming) and it took them about 2 weeks to fix it. 6 girls to one bathroom wasn't always fun. Then next came a pipe. In front of my room mate rachaels door it was always wet and we couldn't figure out why, until they ripped open the wall and found a leaky pipe. For about 4 days we couldn't use our dishwasher at all, and for about 2 days we couldn't use our sink and had to wash our dishes in the bathroom, or some people just chose to not wash it all which was annoying cause our house was a mess and we had no dishes. Then this is more related to myself but I accidently put my cell phone in the washing machine. Such a downer. I love that phone. But good news is I got a the exact same phone of ebay for $30. So all is well. Then Nikki got a little angry and broke a drawer which is currently being fixed. And last but not least one of the bathroom drains got REALLY clogged with hair and wouldn't drain, so we were back to sharing one bathroom. Until randi being the good person she is took a hanger and fished out all that nasty hair. And boy was it nasty. It smelt so rancid. With only 2 weeks left in the semester it'll be interesting to see what else we can destroy.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


For FHE this week we went "disco skating" and although our FHE brother deny it now i distinctly remember them telling us to dress up...and we did, and only us girls did. But I know that we had more fun then they did just because we dressed up and they looked at us in envy the whole night. And let me just say the roller skating is a lot harder then it looks. Luckily I never feel but I can't say the same for a lot of people there.


(February 27-March 1) On this weekend I went to Utah to visit my bestest friends in the World. The SEXXXY KITTIES. and also Nelson. It was so fun to hang out with my cardston friends again. I miss them and the times we've had together so much. It's nice to just get together and rehash old memories as well as create new ones. On this weekend I went snowboarding! I kind of have a new found love for it. We went at night time which was pretty cool. Also Nelson made us a fabulous sunday dinner. It was this dish called russian chicken. SO GOOD. and to top it off he made home made cheesecake. He really knows how to win my heart since that is my all time favorite dessert!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

onezies, sleepers, footsies, mono...COMFORT

This is dedicated to my onezie sleeper. This piece of material has changed my life. It's like having a blanket on, all the time. I stay so nice and warm during the night. Some of my best sleeps are when I am wearing this amazing thing. And as you can see from this picture, many others are fans of the onezie.


(november 11-18) Yes I went to Paris, and yes it was so fun! I went and visited my friend Jennica who was doing a study abroad there. We hit up all the major attractions. I will say that I was not a fan of the metro station. Seeing as how we got stuck in one for about 2 hours. But all in all it was a great trip and probably nothing I will get to experience again. Although I do love to travel the world so I might make it back to paris some day.


These are not recent pictures. They are from my days spent in Virginia with my sister, Adria, and her family. I was there from August - December.These were some of the greatest and funniest memories of my life. While there I worked in a coffee shop called greenberry's- i miss it so much! The people I served there were so sweet and nice. I also worked at Panera Bakery which was really fun because I got to bring home Bread, pastries, and bagels. besides whatching Adria and Mark's kids that was how I earned my keep. Other then that I mostly just hung out with Adria and the kids, going on little outings.
Here we are at halloween
This was a photo shoot by Christine Vance. Here Kami is kind of sharing her lollie with me.
These are my greenberry's friends... Well 2 of them. There are many others.


This was our first FHE together. So to bring us close and alleviate any awkwardness there might be, we played the awkward game. In this game is starts with one person who holds a set of keys, then chooses someone to place him in any position they want to. Once they have been positioned they join hands with the one who positioned him and then another person is chosen and gets to positioned the other person. The one holding the keys can keep the game going as long as he wants (or until everyone has been chosen) then he must drop the keys and everyone races for a spot. Last person to sit is in the middle. So the point is to put people up close and in each others space. It was such a blast.

Valentines day

We got with a few of our FHE brothers and made dinner together. We also made a kick butt tent, where we spent the whole night in. ( not even joking, from 6-midnight) We watched movies, ate our dinner and home made cheesecake inside of it, and just had a blast. I love my FHE brothers and my Room mates. We have a lot of fun together.