Thursday, January 21, 2016

2 months

Happy two months sweetie boy! How did we live without you before?! I can't imagine our lives without you now. You are such a sweet baby and we are so blessed to call you ours.

Stats of sorts... At 6 weeks you weighed 11.1 pounds. So my guess is you are around 12 now and are 23 inches long. That's over 4 pounds and 4 inches since you were born! Sienna didn't weigh 11 pounds till she was 4 months. What a difference between you two!

Clothing size: Officially out of newborn shirts, but he has short legs so still in newborn pants. But wears 3 months shirts.

Sleep: You have a pretty consistent  schedule. You eat at around 10 then get up between 230-330 and then up again at 530 and from their it is all down hill. Your nose gets stuffy and you have bad gas so you are only comfortable sleeping in my arms but wake up every 20-30 mins to rub your face all over my chest, sniffling. We are investing in a nose sucker pronto. 

Favorite things: sucking on your hand/thumb. Sleeping on moms chest, being talked to, listening to white nose, bath time, napping with daddy, being bounced up and down. his sister,

Dislikes: stuffy noses, being gassy, being hungry.

Smiling: Big time. It's the cutest smile and I can't wait for the giggle to come with it.

Eye color: BLUE. I love his eyes. They are so beautiful and I am pretty sure there will be an older sister that will one day be jealous of his long eyelashes.

Hair: Dark brown and thinning. COME BACK HAIR

Such a sweet boy. The biggest picture is my favorite for a few reasons. One, check out that smile. two, the story behind it. Matt and I were trying our hardest to get David to look at the camera and smile, but he was more interested in eating his hands. Than sienna walks over and simply looks at him and he broke out in the hugest smile! It was so tender. I can't wait to see their relationship develop.

Naps with dad. Or at least one of them is napping.

We were reading stories with sienna and she just plopped down in front of David, started waving at him and just looking at him. It was so sweet.

Must not fall asleep.

He just puts people to sleep!

Learning to hold a bottle

 Blanket rides with Grampy.

Such a big man!