Our Love Story.

I thought I would document how Matt and I met and eventually fell in love. It's a pretty simple story, with nothing to fancy.

It was the first day of school, September 10 2012. I was going to my first class called "American epidemic" It was a science class that I had been waiting a long time to take cause whenever I finally got to register it was always full or didn't work with my schedule. It was about healthy living and how diabetes and heart disease are the new epidemic in America. That sounded much more interesting then learning about light and sound to me. 
Anyway, a girl from my ward the last winter semester was in that class so we walked out together and she started telling me of her plans to serve a mission the next semester. Cue Matt walking behind us. He was previously attracted to us because a) girl I was talking to had on teal colored pants and b) he thought she was cute. Notice there is nothing about me in there? 
he building her next class was in came up quick, leaving me by myself. I felt this urge to look beside me, as I could see out of the corner of my eye a guy walking by himself. So I did, which Matt took as a green light that he could talk to me. His pick up line of choice was "so what do you think of that class?"  I'd like to say the rest is history and we fell madly in love but that is not the case. I actually didn't remember for sure if his name was Matt or mike and if it was the same guy I saw in my class on Wednesday because on Monday he had a furry caterpillar moustache and on Wednesday he did not. (Thank goodness he got rid of that nasty thing or else things could be really different!) Again we walked from that class to our next class. 
On Friday neither of us had classes for the rest of the day but walked my half way home, which was on  opposite of the direction he needed to go. We stopped and talked on a corner for awhile too and I remember thinking "this guy seems to really listen to me. I wonder when he will ask me out?" (Yes I was confident matt would ask me out) the next time Matt and I talked he asked me to be his running partner and finally asked for my number so we could coordinate running together. There was so,ething kind of intriguing about Matt because from my experience at BYU-I is the first time you talk to the guy, they generally leave with your number and a date. But Matt had taken quite awhile and he wasn't even asking me on a date. He was pretty much asking me to help do a homework assignment. 
Our first run went really well. When we ended at my house I asked Matt if he wanted to stay in stretch with me. I found out later that Matt did not want to spend any more time with me but really just wanted to run home! But for some reason he said yes and we sat on my lawn and talked some more. He even ended up taking me to grab something to eat post run. My thoughts about him were he isn't really my type. He talked quietly and seemed more on the shy side. And I just couldn't tell if he was very interested in me. And he wasn't! Matt has told me since then that his interest in me was strictly as a running partner. He thought I was cute, but he wasn't "attracted" to me in a way to make him want to pursue a relationship. 
Despite both of us not being attracted to each other in a romantic way we continued to spend lots of time together. He called me up on Saturday the 22 and said "Chanel, I really want Jamba Juice and I would really like to see you. So I thought I would put them both together." We got Jamba Juice and talked in a park. There was still no real official date yet. We were mostly just "hanging out." He would stay for awhile after a run or help me cut out eye patches for a lesson plan for kids and walk me to my next class after ours. 
Now I really only saw Matt on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and maybe Saturday. But one Tuesday as I was walking into a building he was walking out. He was dressed up for devotional and dang did he look good. I am a sucker for a shirt and tie with a sweater pulled over. So I texted him and told him how good he looked that day (bold move, I know). He later told me that when he got that text he thought to himself. I am going to marry this girl! We hadn't even really gone on a date yet or even expressed any sort of romantic interest and that's what he thought. 
Finally after about a month of running, going to devotional, walking to classes, and hanging out he finally asked me out. We were out on a run and I was telling him a story and after I finished I was waiting for his response. But instead of responding he just said "would you like to go out with me?" "Yah sure" "okay" and that was it. We continued our run talking about whatever.

To Be Continued.

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You two are adorable