Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Be a weed

From the title of this post you might be a little stunned.

Why in the world would you want to be a weed?

Flowers are obviously much more beautiful and liked by more people

So why not be a flower?

This is my reason why.

I was out golfing yesterday and we were driving on the paved golf path.

On this path there were spots where the pavement was being lifted up to form a mound.

Peaking out from these mounds of pavement were weeds.

Maybe that's not so shocking to most but it always baffles me that a weed will grow anywhere.

They grow on the tops of mountains, the grow out of concrete, it could snow in July

killing all other plant life but weeds, and it seems no matter how many times you spray

weed killer a dandelions little yellow heads pop up the next week.

Weeds are resilient.

They withstand any type of environment and condition they are placed in.

So like weeds, as a person we need to be strong enough to withstand whatever comes our way.

Trials, temptations, heartbreak, or simply a bad hair cut. We need to have

a good attitude and faith to know that things will be okay.

This week we might feel like we are dying but by next week things won't seem so bad

and we'll be able to pop our head out, just like a dandelion

So now I kind of think weeds are beautiful in their own way.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Catch up time

First things first.
I am now a 22 year old woman.
My birthday weekend in Rexburg was awesome.
I wager I had more fun in Rexburg for my birthday, then I would've in Canada.
My first night there I hung out with my good friend Tyler Minetto.
We went to the new frozen yogurt shop, Kiwi Loco.
(How many frozen yogurt/ice cream places could Rexburg possibly need?)
Then we went to a little game night in some warehouse outside of town.
We played murder in the dark.
It's like they knew it was my birthday weekend, cause I love that game.
One time someone tried to kill me but I crawled away.
In the process I ran into a few chairs and tables.
Result= A bruised eyelid and various sore spots on my forehead.

Despite that it was awesome. Especially when I was the murderer. I dominated

On Sunday my old room mates and I did newspaper nails and ate sweet pork. YUM

The rest of the night consisted of a picnic in the park, game of cranium, and the movie signs.

I don't know why but that's the only scary movie that can get me to jump and gasp.

The next day was my birthday.

I was a little apprehensive since I've never really liked birthdays.

My dear friend Kara Malan has helped reshape the way I look at birthdays.
She loves them. When it's her birthday month you can expect to hear her say "we have to play this game because it's my birthday month." or "Well it is my birthday month so..."
I love that about her.

Tyler took me for birthday lunch at Costa Vida. Then to
Jamba Juice where, since it was my birthday, I got free Jamba!
My sweet sister Madison wrote the most tender post.
Madison, Tyler, Ryan and I all hiked R mountain, which I've been wanting to do
since my first semester. Finally 3 years later.
After we had birthday breakfast for dinner.
Pancakes with strawberries and whip cream
Then it was like g's dairy knew it was my birthday as well cause they had a deal going on.
So of course we couldn't pass that up.
Next on the agenda was Walley ball. We played for almost 2 hours.
It was some of the best 2 hours of my life. So fun.
After that Ross brought by some birthday brownies.

Nothing like warm brownies at midnight.
To wrap up the birthday I went over to Sam's house and had a sleep over with her and Alena.
We feel asleep to Anastasia. I don't think any of us saw more then 5 mins.
Oh and guess what? 2.5 hours later I woke up so that I could be home in time for work.
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
The lack of sleep was worth the fun.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just wait.

I will post soon. I will post about my birthday. I will post about the 5K/5M Family Fun Run. I will post my thoughts on life. But there are good reasons why it will have to wait.

1. The weekend was so fun and full of things to do I barely got a spare moment to myself.

2. I feel like a walking talking Zombie. No exageration.

3. I missed a day of work so I had to play catch up.

4. I'm usually not a birthday diva. But I learned from the best how to be and I tried really hard and it just wore me right out.

So just wait till tomorrow. Once I sleep for about 24 hours straight I think I'll be good

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm a first aider. Can I help you?

So glad I won't have to repeat that phrase for a long long while I hope.
Finished my first aid course today. It went better then expected.
I also found out that I wasn't late for my last one I was actually a day early.
Opps. I really need to listen and read information more carefully.
I don't know how I'm going to survive in this world if I don't.

Watched Pretty Little Liars tonight.
It's going to be a good season I can feel it.
Jason thing what?
Ian alive WHAT?
So many little surprises.

Also this morning I woke up to hearing the door handle of the camper jiggling.
It was 7 o'clock in the morning so I thought it was Madison needing something before she took off for work. I almost got up but I was like, I have nothing in here she would need. It persisted for about 5 mins before I feel back asleep unconcerned.
In the morning i asked everyone in my house if they were trying to get into the camper.
No one was trying to get in.
Slightly comforting thought.
Eric apparently thinks I'm fearless. Which gives me a boost of courage to sleep out there again

Completely Pointless post I know.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Note to Self

Dumbest Day EVER!
Let me explain why...

For my sumer awesome job as pool cashier I need to be first aid certified
Just in case I need to help save someone's life.
So I signed up for this weekend.
And have been dreading it...I mean really look forward to it.
Who doesn't love spending 18 hours of their weekend learning how to save people?
So I get there this morning and I was about 1 minute late
(first note to self- Always arrive 5 mins early to these things)
I walk in and the director is like oh we have one more have a seat.
Then a lovely lady from the front row says
"There's a spot in the front next to me!"
Awesome. You are just so sweet. I appreciate it.
Then the director says so as we talked about yesterday...
WHOA hold up.
"UH wait this isn't the first day? I swear I was told it was on friday and saturday"
"No, sorry. So you weren't hear at all yesterday were you?"
"You need to go to the front office and work something out with them"

I then took the walk of shame.
(second note to self. Never assume that just because the previous course you tried
to sign up with was on a weekend means all the other ones are as well)

Things didn't get better at the office.
The next session was full.
The one after I would be out of town
The next was a sat/sunday
The next for one day I'd be at summer games.
By the time I could actually go take the course it would be pointless.
I messed up big time.

To make matters worse I had driven in with Eric, who was working in Leth till 5.
So I thought I'd be stuck there.
All day with nothing to do.
Lucky for me my sister in law came to the rescue.
She drove the 45 mins to come pick me up.
In that time I took a nap.
And then I got home and went for a run.
And the sun is out finally.
I guess I take it back.
Maybe this isn't the dumbest day ever
This video also helps

Monday, June 6, 2011

The cat came back

I feel like the cat who came back because she just couldn't stay away.
But I hope I'm not annoying like that cat and that people wished I'd gone away.
I've been to Rexburg 3 times in 6 weeks and if all goes according to plan I'll be returning in 2.

How did I go from HATING Rexburg to loving it so much?
All I know is I'm glad I've made that change.

My weekend there was pretty awesome.
I brought down some of the best things canada has to offer.
Puffed Wheat Squares
Coffee Crisp
Mr. Big
Ketchup Chips
All Dressed Chips

Some people weren't the biggest fan of the ketchup chips I quote "But they are no different then fries with Ketchup"..."If I want fries with ketchup I'll go get real fries with ketchup" Lame.
I just appreciate Dan for liking them so much.

Also the border hated me for some reason.
Usually I'm so lucky when it comes to crossing the border.
But this time they thought I was sketch.
I had to pull up to garage doors and get out while they searched my car and interrogated me.
After 15-20 mins of them proving to me they were large and in charge they gave me my keys back with no explanation at all. Just "Have a safe drive"...HUH?

Also I stopped at Wal-mart in Helena to get these 2 nail polish colors I absolutely adore.
But what do you know, they were out of those 2 colors!
What are the odds. AWESOME. Because they were out in Idaho as well.

Then I bought 7 single servings of G's dairy and filled up a cooler with ice.
They didn't survive the trip to Canada.
But I don't think I care to much.
They are in my freezer and I have every intention of eating them.
Judge me all you want.