Monday, August 24, 2009

Waterton Fun #1

I've gone into waterton a few times this year. The first time we had a fancy dinner party. It was so nice. It was a 3 course meal and we all dressed up and played games. I slept over that night and we went on a little hike up red rock the next morning. Sadly I don't have any pictures from the fancy dinner but here is some of our hike
I also hiked summit mountain with my brother and basically adopted brother Eric. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful hike. Although i was definitely in pain the next day. i felt like a cripple trying to walk around at work. oh and i became best friends with a deer

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nana said...

Chan, I haven't seen these pictures, they are great. I love that you have fun with your family and friends. You have such great friends, I love them you know. Waterton is beautiful as always. Love Mom