Saturday, January 30, 2010

crater gator

I wish i had some pictures of this event cause it was a really neat place but because of the temperature outside and inside it was all foggy so none of my pictures turned out. Some friends and I went to the crater in midway utah. It's this little hot spring inside of a crater. It's pretty small and saying that it's a hot spring is kind of a stretch because the temperature of the water reminded me of the temperature of bath water when you know it's time to get out. But none the less it was fun and we got to do a little snorkeling and look at some fossils along the wall. There was a little alligator and turtle, kind of creepy cause they looked so real and you expected them to start moving. Again wish I had some pictures but because I don't i figured i could post about it.


Taylor Family said...

Fun stuff!

Anonymous said...
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Chuckarli said...

You went to the crater, but have you been to the other hot springs up there? Crater is interesting for a bit, but the ones that are just outside in the open air are much funner to go to with a group of friends (and free entrace). Let's go.