Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alright gentlemen take notes.

The other day I got asked on a date and he told me he'd let me know the details later.
I was leaving work and was checking my cellphone and found this message:
"To find out the details for tomorrow night you must go to the second floor of the library and look your name up in the dictionary that is right by the bathrooms. There you will find your first clue"
The biggest smile was slapped on my face.
I got over to the library and found these 3 lovely notes in the dictionary.

It's honestly one of the sweetest things a guy has done pre-date.
He definitely got some extra brownie points for this one.
Hopefully the date turns out just as sweet.


jaron said...

now thats a first i don't think it will be the last the man got soul hahaha :)

jennica said...

love this! hope its a good date! let me know how it goes!

Kelsey Scott said...

he has excellent hand writing! haha

Anthony Asplund said...

dude, I took lots of notes ;)

Taylor Family said...

He's right about you, that's for sure :)