Friday, January 25, 2013

Engaged to be wed.

I'm engaged.
A friend wrote me an email the other day mentioning how she noticed that I hadn't blogged in awhile and that the same thing happened to her when she was getting pretty serious with her boyfriend so she assumed that was the case with me. 
Well she was right. Blogging became the last thing I wanted to do because when I wasn't with Matt I was trying to catch up on the homework I hadn't done yet. Lots of great things were happening that I could blog about, I just didn't feel like I had the time.
Anyway, I am engaged.
And it's wonderful.
This is something I've wanted for so so long. There have been many blog posts published or unpublished about that want. I can't believe it's actually become a reality.
I'll just skip to the chase and tell the engagement story.
We went to Utah this last weekend and I was meeting his mom for the first time.
I was pretty sure it was going to happen this weekend and I could not wait. I was so excited to have a ring on my finger to signify that I was taken and adored by someone.
So the night he asked me to marry him we went to Red Robin for dinner, which is a favorite of ours. 
During dinner he told me that he was sorry, but that our date that night consisted of doing things outside (it was around -15 Celsius so you can just imagine how thrilled I was)
But he said they were on our list of date ideas so I was excited to find out.
He took me to temple square and the moment we were out of the car I was looking forward to the chance to be inside the visiting center, although I knew that wasn't on our list of date ideas, I was hoping for some sort of pit stop.
Instead he kept me outside the gates of the temple and took me around a corner where there were horse carriages lined up.
Immediately I knew that was what his plan was.
But I didn't want to make it to easy for him by being excited and asking him if we were going on a carriage ride. So we started to walk by, when one of the drivers asked if we wanted to take a ride. Matt tried to play it off cool like that wasn't what we wanted to do and asked the price and for how long. Neither or us felt like a 30 minute carriage ride and got her to settle for a 20 minute one.
Matt had planned to propose while we were in the carriage but our driver could not stop talking. And it was all about her horse. Matt was not impressed.
So we decided to go to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, which was not on our list of date ideas, but a good place to go none the less.
We went to the top floor where it over looks the temple.
There we talked for awhile about the temple and marriage and I jokingly said "Have I made you want to think twice about marrying me?" And he said something along these lines "well I thought it over once and decided yes and then I thought it over twice and the answer was still yes, so upon this third time, my answer is still yes. So I guess now is as good as time as any," as he starts fiddling in his pocket and gets down on one knee. I just stare and say You've got to be kidding me. And he asks if I'll marry him, and before I can say yes he's slipped the ring onto my finger (I guess I didn't have a choice) and we were hugging and kissing and I finally managed to say Of course I will.
Matt's heart was beating so hard and fast and his knees were shaking. It was like we had never talked about it before and he had no idea if I would say yes or not.
Lots of people ask me if I knew he was going to propose that night.
While I did not know for 100%, I had a pretty good feeling about it. Especially because he was acting a little weird the whole night. It actually made me start acting a little weird cause I was just waiting for him to do it.
Anyway. We are getting married April 20th in the Cardston Alberta Temple. I couldn't be happier.


Kristen said...

SO EXCITING!! Hahaha, I loved the part about the carriage drive talking so much and ruining the "moment." Congratulations!!

jennica said...

i've been waiting to hear the story!! congrats chanpants!

Boy said...

That's awesome! Congrats Chanel. You deserve it for sure!!