Thursday, March 5, 2015

California part 3!?!

We went to California, AGAIN. My parents were driving down to visit my brother and his family and asked me to tag along. Besides the warm weather as an incentive to go, my moms sisters were coming to visit, who had never seen Sienna and who knew when they would ever get to!  The drive about killed me with Sienna, but thankfully I had my parents who took turns with her. Also, we discovered Sienna gets a little car sick as after a while of playing on the iPad (shhh don't judge, it was 20 hours in a car. You would too.) she started throwing up, lots. Anything she had ate in the last 5 hours came up. Not the most convenient thing when you still have a four hour drive ahead of you and the car seat is covered in throw up. It was a pretty stinky ride.

But once in California we had a great time! Here is our stay in pictures.

We had some fun throwing the kids around. Sienna surprisingly loved it.

Crystal was teaching Sienna how to float. At first she was unsure but then she started flipping her head back trying to float herself.

Chocolate mustache.

Then we hit up the beach. Oh how we love the beach! At first Sienna didn't want to touch the sand with her feet, then it progressed to just letting the sand run thru her fingers, and then it was all down hill from there and she started eating it. SHE. WOULDN'T. STOP.

One day we went to Irvine Park Railroad. It has a cute little train ride you can go on, pony rides, a playground, and a duck pond.
Trying to wave like the conductor.
Jadyn on a pony. She wanted "Trampy" to walk her around on the pony, and boy was he thrilled...

Best friends beat each other up right?

Last but not least, you can't go to California without visiting Bowl of Heaven. They are starting to expand into other states (Fingers crossed for a Canadian location someday!). Go to their webpage and find out if their is a location near you. If there isn't plan a trip to California just for it. It's seriously that good.


jennica said...

Beach babe! What a fun trip! And your hair length looks soooooo good!

Bry Peterson said...

So many fun pics! What I wouldn't do to be there right now haha. Sienna is adorable ps.