Monday, March 21, 2016

happy 4 months

 I seriously feel that in no time I will be writing his 1st year birthday post.

Lets see what went on this month for David

  • Got his first sickness and it was a doozy. He had a fever for 4 days and the worst cough I have ever heard. At least he wasn't throwing up and he was still eating and for the most part a happy boy! Found out he had a bronchial and ear infection. Poor baby.
  • Went on his first plane ride and did great. He did a lot of nursing and a lot of sleeping. Threw up once and pooped out of his diaper once.
  • Talks like crazy. Love hearing his little coos. Sometimes he even makes a "mama" sound
  • Loves to be in a standing position. Might be because he is so stiff...It's a lot of work to make him just sit.
  • Has the biggest smile and will smile at anyone. Gosh I love his smile. His whole face just lights up.
  • Loves to fall asleep to the vacuum... Our white noise apps just aren't loud enough sometimes.
  • Getting a little better at naps. It's a bit of work to get him to nap longer the 45 mins.
  • Loves to nurse to sleep. Trying to nip that in the bud.
  • Chews his fingers like they are candy. He always manages to sneak his hands up out of his swaddle and into his mouth
  • After a few diligent days of holding the pacifier in his mouth, he finally likes it enough to take it and fall asleep with it. But like Sienna, as soon as he is asleep he pushes that thing out and is usually fine after.
  • Used the jolly jumper for the first time and thinks its okay.
  • Rolls over from tummy to back.
  • He can change the direction he is facing when laying down. He rolls to his side and somehow shimmy's over. If he is facing away from the TV he especially uses this move so that he can see it.
  • Starting to grab and hold onto things. Especially loves putting them in his mouth.
  • Sleeping worse at night. We are getting up about every 2 hours these days!
  • likes to be tickled in his arm pits, on his collarbone/neck area and on his back. 
  • Likes raspberry's on his tummy and cheeks.

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