Saturday, April 4, 2009

General Conference Weekend- I just came down to utah to visit family friends and see general conference. It has been super fun. We went shopping on friday and had everyone over for pizza. It's been fun playing with all the little cousins and seeing how much they have grown. Then me Brandon and crystal went to the first session of Saturday morning GC. Then i drove to prove and have been hanging out with karli jennica and brian. We just made a music video it's kind of fabulous. and we also made dinner together which was soooo yummy. I love coming to Utah.


Taylor Family said...

Great video! Who's Brian? Oh yeah, we got your package for Kami's birthday, we'll call when she opens it after her birthday party. I know she'll love it!

chan said...

haha i'm glad you liked it! brian is jennica's boyfriend :) Some of it is for clayton. and all of it is pretty shareable. you just let me know previously about the time she'll be opening it and i'll make sure i am available.