Monday, April 20, 2009

Home TIme

For Easter Break I just went home and visited what family I had home. Which was basically Madison. We had a lot of fun together. We did a photo shoot with Amanda Gilchrist and Trevor Thomas. Amanda is a make up artist. So she did a different style on us
Then me and madison relived our childhood and watched Disney movies every night from about 7-11. It was a rather productive break. We also made a dance video. It could've been better but we were so tired and just wanted it done. But it's still pretty good. I just love make music videos. It's so fun to get creative and just let things flow and of course dress up. All in all i love my family and I love coming home. Even if my parents ditch me for Texas :) I will upload the video at a later date. My comp is going to slow to do it right now.


Crystal and Brandon said...

i cant wait for you to post that music video!!! why havent we made a music video before together? i think that should be in the plans the next time we reunite. love ya girl

Taylor Family said...

Wow, you two are looking hot!

Chanel Beazer said...

Crystal. You are right it's mandatory. I might be coming to utah for that nuskin conference thing. If you come with brandon. You. me, and our dance moves.