Thursday, October 22, 2009

Art Attack

Madison and I have been taking art classes from a french lady in our ward name Rolande. She is very talented at what she does and I love taking classes from her. We've finished 2 paintings so far. The ones that look worse are mine. Madison is naturally gifted when it comes to painting. Rolande never has to pick up her brush and help madison's paintings she just let's madison work, where as i'm always asking rolande to come and help me and she does so very willingly so that i don't end up hating my paintings. I can't wait to keep painting and develop what little talent i have. It's been pretty rewarding so far and i'm surprised how much i like it!


Angie said... Lots of fun stuff there....enjoy...P.S love the paintings girls!

Chuckarli said...

That is so cool Chanel! I didn't know that you were taking a painting class. You make living in Ctown seem so appealing. I would love to be taking a painting class right now.

Taylor Family said...

I can't tell which ones are whose. They all are amazing! Good work girls. I wish I could be taking a class with you.