Saturday, October 3, 2009

County side Ride.

Madison and Shelby discovered this cute old bike on one of their quad rides. It was about the nice last day of weather we were going to have and they wanted to get some cute sunset pictures with it. Since I don't have much of a life living in cardston I offered to go and take pictures of them. After this little photo shoot I feel like so many other people and want to get a really nice camera and take good quality pictures. But for having a cheaper canon camera I don't think I did to bad. So here are a few pictures of the beautiful madison and shelby and then just some of me


Taylor Family said...

Those pictures are amazing Chan! You went at the perfect time of day. The lighting is great. You have a knack for photography and should definetly take it up someday.

Ranae Redford said...

chan you are gorgeous! and im so happy you have a blog! can we be blog buddies!!!

Angie said...

Hello gorgeous! I found your cute blog. Love your pictures! TOO much fun!