Tuesday, February 23, 2010

picking up the pieces

Today I went to the springville art museum. They had some really beautiful pieces crafted by high school kids. This piece of art was probably my favorite.
There are a few reasons I liked it. This girl could represent anyone. We are all trying to find the pieces in our lives. What makes us happy or sad, angry or glad. We are piecing ourselves together everyday through experiences we have. I also see it as a puzzle that represents sin or mistakes. The puzzle can break apart but can always be put back together. We just have to have patience and faith. But those were just some of my observations and thats the great thing about art is that everyone can have their own interpretation of it.


barosan said...

You think so deeply chanel! way to go

Taylor Family said...

That sculpture looks like you! I bet you appreciate art in a whole new way now that you're an artist :)