Thursday, April 8, 2010

photo booth fun.

This week I've been staying at my wonderful cousins Debbie's house. She was babysitting her niece and nephew one day, and I knew how much my niece and nephew loved photo booth so I thought they might as well. And it was a hit, we played on it for a good hour.

Crue here wasn't as big of fan. After taking this picture he started saying scary, scary everytime we took one. I don't blame him though I'd be afraid of my face too


Debbie said...

This was so much fun! I love it! And sorry my son is kinda whimpy :) He misses you so much. And so do I! We had so much fun with you here. Come back soon Chan!

Taylor Family said...

Mom said you were a hit with those kids. You really were meant to be a mom. you're kids will be so lucky to have you.