Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Remember that one time?

The other day I was on my old computer and was scanning through the pictures on there. I cam across many from the good Ole high school days, some from 2 years ago before friends went on missions and it got me thinking about how much I fun I had growing up. Oh how I miss those care free days.
Here are some favorite memories
- Playing darts in Mr. Dittmann's room.
- Making movies
- Going off the Jr. High jump in rod wynders truck.
- "Borrowing" a golf cart and driving around the golf course in the pouring rain, skiing behind it and doing 360's in it.
- making sugar cookies
- Trying to sneak into the swimming pool at night
-Macaroni picnics.
- Now Introducing " Claudia Buckethead"
- Look, it's like the want us to make a U- turn. ohhhh jennica.
- Bathroom photo shoots.
-Cheese fries and ranch
- Red Light discos
-Spooning and padding peoples vechiles and windows.
- Trips to whitefish
- The rocket summer concert in calgary
- The club house
- SEXXXXY kitties.
-high school musical.
-Volleyball Bus Beatings. Doesn't sound to fun, but it was
-Hiking in waterton
- cereal in ice cream. Sugar Crisp, honey bunches of oats, captain crunch. YUM
-side walk chalking
- The train bridges
I know there is a lot of memories written down but there is so much more that I could add. highschool was amazing and I miss the care free life, but the life I'm living now is pretty grand and I have a feeling things can only go up.


Taylor Family said...

Loved that post. I had no idea you were such a prankster :)

nana said...

Just wondering about the golf cart and whose you were using? Mom

chan said...

Don't worry it wasn't yours. :)

Chuckarli said...

Sigh... so many good memories ;)