Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mr. Bright Side

It's come to my attention I focus way to much on whats going wrong in my life and not what's going right. Cause really it's so much more fun to complain and get peoples sympathy, but I realized I don't like listening to others complain so why would they like to listen to me. So here is a few things that have gone right lately.

~I was in bed before midnight last night
~I got a new job, one that will be better then extra foods
~Steve (my manager) told me I did a good job the other day
~I'm playing volleyball tonight
~Miranda Kate and I dominated at rook the other night
~I have a doctors note exempting me from being in the freezer for longer then 30 mins and wearing steel toed boots. HORAY!
~I'm dating Tim Zemp.
~The sun is finally starting to come out.
~I have a new nephew
~The celtics won the game on sunday.
~I THINK I know what I'm doing this fall (thats a big step from not knowing at all)

I think that's a pretty good list for now.

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Katelyn Hailey said...

I love love love this post!! :)