Sunday, August 15, 2010


So in the next few weeks I have 11 weddings to go to. ELEVEN! People are getting married like it's going out of style. So I'm dedicating this post to my dear friend Karli Low. who is just following the crowd and getting married. But at least she is being unique and getting married on a thursday. Way to set yourself apart.

Well I love karli low. I think I've even written a post about her before. That's how much I love her. I've been friends with her since about the 5th grade when I didn't even really know her but I think she took pity on me when she got back from mexico and invited me to her house for her getting home party. I was one of three friends she got to invite. How honored did I feel? So honored. She probably regrets that now cause she is stuck being my Best friend forever. Tough luck.
Karli and I have lots of great memories together. most that no one else would understand or even think they are funny. But because I know she reads my blog I will retell some of them so at least she can laugh as she remembers.

♥ Cadbury mini eggs
♥ licking eachother's eyeballs
♥ Swinging on her hammock
♥ Raiding her food storage
♥ Salt and vinegar chips
♥ Exercising downstairs in short shorts and thinking it was devin and tim at the bottom of the hill and running to greet them, only to find out it wasn't.
♥ The way Logan Orr is the founder of our club name.
♥ Having about 3 different ways of laughing.
♥ Claudia buckethead
♥ Hiking bertha and doing acro yoga at the lake
♥ Going Mudding on shrimp road
♥ Going to her farm in the expo and watching scary movies while eating DQ ice cream and cereal
♥ The rainy day the boys let us put on their make up.
♥ Moonlight madness
♥ The snow day at Jennica's where we became super models from all across the globe. "I like to make a pizza"
♥ Hiking up chief mountain. Eating lunch on a flat rock, mocking daddy beaz and his gummy sack, and after many failed attempts hitting a golf ball from the top

Well I think that's enough for now. Karli if you are reading this and want to add any, feel free and I'll update the blog post. I love you and can't wait for your special day. I'm so glad I'm going to be able to celebrate with you and I wish you and garrett all the happiness in the world.

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Taylor Family said...

You have had some fun times with your friends, although I'm not sure about licking each others eyeballs....