Thursday, September 9, 2010

Drought Over

My lap top charger passed away so I've been conserving energy on my computer and haven't used it much. thankfully 2 of my room mates have macs and are letting me use their chargers until mine arrives. So I decided it was time to do some blogging.

Where to start!
How bout with the earliest and I'll move backwards. I'm back at school. I'm excited. Classes start today!
This is what my bedroom looked like while I was packing.
My sad empty Closet
Our over loaded car that madison almost got lost in amongst all the stuff.
It's almost like de ja vu of me packing, just now i'm unpacking.
And my room still isn't completely organized but it's getting there.


Angie said...

I see that granny B has been busy making you some knitted hangers or did ya steal them from your parents house like I do? Hmmmmm!

chan said...

Not going to lie most of them are stolen, some granny has knitted just for me though. but I wouldn't be too surprised if my mom's had to go and buy more