Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fetish dos

Okay.. so perviously you may have read a post about my fetish for nail polish. Well sadly I have another fetish and it's called earings. I didn't think I had that many until I assembled them on this cute earing rack I got. It was then I discovered that I have 70 pairs of earings....thats not that many right??
Front and back views.


Madison Beazer said...

hahaha oh my word chan! I had no clue you had that many!! you could wear a different pair everyday for more than 2 months! crazy! but we should probably skype tomorrow...yay? or nay?

Emme said...

oh my goodness, where did you get that thing to hold all your earrings??? i've been looking for something like that forEVER!

Taylor Family said...

That is a cool earing holder! Love it. I wish I had that much selection.