Tuesday, December 7, 2010

happiest season of all is an understatement

There is no doubt in my mind that Christmas is the best season of all. Sure it has it's downfalls. Like wet snow that seeps thru my sweater boots and makes my socks wet and the sidewalks slippery so I almost fall 23 times a day and freezes my toes, fingers, and face. But there is nothing prettier then a fresh blanket of snow and the quiet atmosphere that accompanies it. I love when it's dark out and big snow flakes are falling from the sky and all is quite. It's kind of magical. And lest we forget the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! I love every person that goes all out and decks there house with lights, nativity scenes, and reindeers. During Christmas I have the excuse of listening to christmas music all day for 2 months. I get to pull out my christmas sweaters and not be judged for wearing them. Yes Christmas=bliss

Ice Skating with Scott
We had some difficulties our first time
But then we mastered it.

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Taylor Family said...

It really is the most wonderful time of the year!